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2 questions - bile during liver flush, flush output by lisag ..... Ask Andreas Moritz Forum

Date:   7/18/2005 11:34:11 PM ( 18 years ago ago)
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Hi Andreas,

I did a liver flush a few days ago. I threw up 3 hours after drinking the mixture. The stuff that I threw up was golden yellow in color, like spaghetti squash but alittle darker, and it burned my throat. I assume this was bile? I also had the same yellow color show up in my poop the day after the flush. My question is... would you think that this bile was old stagnated bile? or new, just having been made to digest the oo/grapefruit mix?

Last cleanse, I got out about 100 stones, 5 were 3/4 inch long, a few smaller and the rest tiny pebbles. I also got out between 10 and 20 liver flukes. But... all the stones together amounted to about 1/4 cup. :( I read that people typically get 2 cups worth of stones and 200-300 in number... I assume that although sucessful, my question is, is my output low?

Also... the vertical lines between my eyebrows are actually above my eyebrows, more in the middle of the forhead. They form an upside down "V". When the lines are above the middle of the eyebrows like that, does that still relate to the liver?

This isn't a question but is something I've noticed - each time I do a liver flush, memories of my past come up. The memories come up in extremely vivid detail. They're not traumatic memories. One such reverie was about doing extremely detailed work at a job I had 25 years ago, another was going swimming at a beach at summer camp as a child. The detail and clarity was amazing, it was like being there in the flesh again. These memories convinced me that the liver stores pieces of our past, and that by physically cleansing the liver, we are releasing parts of the past that we hold on to on some level.

Thx for spending the time and energy to answer all the questions that you do. I think its remarkable (in a very good way).



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