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Some Ideas by Lapis ..... Ask Andreas Moritz Forum

Date:   8/25/2005 3:55:11 AM ( 16 years ago ago)
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Try Samento....(a type of cat's claw) and a good quality olive leaf extract along with proper diet, etc. Are you using eft to address the emotional causes? I would aslo suggest the very poweful Medicine Buddha meditation (chant). You can get a great cd called Medicine Buddha by one of the best sound healers of our day...Jonothan Goldman.
The Medicine Buddha is a huge, strong attractor program that can be accessed with intent and the chanting meditation.

I would also consider cranial sacral, deep lymph massage, and possibly chiropractic. Is it in the brain or brain stem? What is your diet like? Creating an alkaline cellular environment is a must.

That means no meat/dairy, etc.

***Also if you can arrange a few sessions of hyperberic oxygen treatment, this will help alot and drive the herbal treatment deeper into the tissue along with the oxygen.

The Beck protocol could also be added.

Eating a proper diet though will be key so that this doesn't keep coming back.
Pathogens live in a swamp. Clean up the swamp and.....

ALong with the EFT, you can also try TAT which heals energetically at ALL levels and addresses forgivness issues very well. You should also consider making yourself a good self hypnosis tape which will help you visualize and thus target your healing.

Becoming coherent and focusing your energy with intent is like a lazer beam of focused energy. Go to for two great books by Adam who uses visualization techniques to focus intent and heal.


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