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Some lessons since posting..... by #52320 ..... Ask Andreas Moritz Forum

Date:   11/3/2005 2:55:59 AM ( 17 years ago ago)
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Dear Andreas,

Amazing how things work out perfectly. I found some of the answers to my own questions while I was waiting for yours. And I learned (relearned) some important lessons.

Also, when all else fails, READ THE DIRECTIONS.(Oopps!)

Partial answers to my own questions (Assuming you read first post first)

1) Of course I keep flushing. After that flush, I did an Epson salt enema one day, a coffee the next, then someone rubbed the gallbladder reflex point on my foot, and immediately after, I visited an acupuncturist and she placed pins various places, including the gallbladder--SURPRISE-I released gallstones! That was what the pain was all about! I'm glad I finally listened and did the enemas, and if I'd read first, I might have saved myself a bit of pain. It all worked out. I didnít know they could sit in the colon that long ĖI released stones Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, almost a week after the flush. Hence,I learned, read the directions, listen to your body.
2)Colonic: A) I went too soon.Is that right??? Since I only scanned the book, I got the impression I should go the second day of the flush, and that worked the first time. BUT this LF I did magnesium citrate rather than epson salts--I guess my body NEEDED the bile ducts open with magnesium sulfate or I didn't take enough of the magnesium citrate. Don't really know.

Colonics B) I'm not sure why I had such extreme shivers, nor why I felt the temperature of the water changed to warmer, and the temperatuer of the room to colder. What do you think? The cramping: thanks goodness I remembered breathing techniques from having had five babies, and just helped a friend with her breathing during, it HURT!

3)The insomnia. Not exactly sure, have some inklings, still would like your opinion. Iím falling asleep exhausted about 9 or 10, waking up 3 hours later, and if my attitude is right, making it through the day funtioning adequately. But it is too hard, and it doesnít feel Ďrightí.
4) Where do go from here? Donít know the answer to that one. I hope it is NOT a return to depression. Hydrotherapist said she felt there was an "integrity issue" evidenced in my colon. Iím still pondering that one. May have something to do with the fact I told her my husband wouldn't know I had been there. Or not being who I really am? Not pursuing my dreams?

These are only partial answers--please give your input. And one more question: especially when I lay down (and try to sleep!) my skin will itch like CRAZY. What is THAT about? I couldnít nap to make up sleep because my skin itched so, and when I first lay down to sleep, I have to work past it.

Thank you for sharing your knowlege and your insights.


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