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Re: Potential Interest by nednednerb ..... Consciousness and Awareness

Date:   12/26/2003 1:48:53 AM ( 19 years ago ago)
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I once skipped out at the beginning of a class in high school and sat meditating on the field and contemplating energy and metabolism and equilibrium in physical and spiritual senses with the trees and sound of the ocean. I always when meditating contemplate and formulate scientific and philosophical ideas. This promotes mindfulness and reason in me.

After a half hour I opened my eyes, and was shocked at how easy it was to hold my eyes fully open to the bright sky. I even looked at the sun without blinking and without that blurryblind color spot forming on my retina. When I would close my eyes, I did see a red circle afterimage but it was not of the normal blinding intensity that would prevent me from looking and focussing on any nonsolar object.

After this period of meditative work, my eyes bahaved differently; I could withstand the light and not be painfully over-charged with the mighty power of direct Sol. Instantly, as often occurs when I am spiritually conducive in a particular way, ideas presented themself to my mind about why this had transpired, specifically, what biological process was allowing such tolerance.

It occurred to me right away that energy entering my eye when in a normal state of consciousness would usually build up quickly in my retina and start to damage those cells working to gather the light and convey the energy into my mind. Now, what was happening was that this energy was being facillitated somehow and being absorbed into my body rather than over-charged the surface and resulting in damage.

It fit right in at that moment because I was contemplating the causal relationship between altered states of consciousness and biological abilities. It seemed to me that something in the way I was meditating was facillitating a state conducive to the eased free association of a spiritually philosophical and scientifc inclination, and that this state arose in my mind and did relate to a energy metabolism conducive to the eased flow of light energy into my body's chemical makeup. It was apparent to me that my body was receiving this light on its surface, and pulling it deep into my very being, and that it was augmenting my normal biochemical pathways with a novel energy source my body never felt before like that.

As I continued staring straight at the sun for minutes and minutes, I felt more and more energized and felt increasing conviction that these sensations were coming from my brain and that it was the light empowering me. I felt this was real, and I was suddenly reminded of something small I had read only on one page in many in a spiritual manual by Baba Ram Dass that sufficiently advanced yogi had been said to have lived on virtually nothing but light.

I was impressed by this, for I had independently ascertained the mechanism I only found out today years after that experience was being validated by people who found out about uptaking energy from the sun from their traditions. I found out and thought after reading that little sentence, that the way these yogis did it was thru their eyes, and I remember other stories I've read of meditators spending whole days moving their head slowly as the sun moves across the entire sky. I pieced sungazing together from a few pieces of scattered information and my own experience, but I had no idea until today that there were people QUITE conscious of this phenomena I have certainly not mastered and would desire to learn more about.

I was interested by that. Thank you.


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