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Shared focus, like a laser by nednednerb ..... Consciousness and Awareness

Date:   12/26/2003 3:01:28 PM ( 20 years ago ago)
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I was on the chatroom (check out that site if you don't know what it is!!), and I met someone named skybeast. He was talking about structure and wanted to devise a forum that had a particular format conducive to democratic debate.

The analogy of a laser came up in conversa; that when a group of individuals were sufficiently mentally focussed upon a single point of some concept that was being contemplated, a laserlike level of awareness would concentrate and render the group's reasoning ability as more powerfuller, clearer and easier as to direct the energy of our consciousness with.

With desire to focus a laser on this forum, let's each forward some issues surrounding consciousness we would like to see resolved. Then we could vote on doing one topic per couple days, and stay focussed and go over it slowly, sharing all our different perspectives and keeping it structured and not just fling all sorts of topics together in a mess of sloppy ranting.

Would anyone like to cooperate with this? We don't need everybody; a few of us could use one thread and do this amongst ourselves, where we stick to a subject, like the corporate and government leaders who ceaselessly order their business into intricate webs of delicate, albeit often brute and cruel focus.

We have a lot to learn from them, because they HAVE appropriated a kind of power (the coersion of the choice of most individual humans on Earth to tend to support their nations and express love for life by purchasing mostly unneccessary things in stores.)

They've centred the power onto monetary increase. If we want to take this power to fuel life and consciousness, we have available to us as an option to network and set out principles we decide to follow. Let's keep things centred on nurturing the emergence of life and our beauty. I mean freedom from 'cost' of any sort, however we are to find it.

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