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Re: Do I have ADD? Why does Concerta make me more social? by justgold79 ..... ADD/ADHD: Attention Deficit

Date:   7/2/2005 12:57:40 PM ( 17 years ago ago)
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Crack has a similar effect.

Methylphenidate (MPH) is an amphetamine-like prescription stimulant
commonly used to treat Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)
in children and adults. It is also one of the primary drugs used to
treat the daytime drowsiness symptoms of narcolepsy. As of 2004 there
are three non-generic drugs that contain Methylphenidate: Ritalin,
Concerta (a timed-release capsule), and Focalin (containing only
dextro-methylphenidate, rather than the usual racemic dextro- and
laevo-methylphenidate mixture of other formulations).


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