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Extreme flatulence triggered by anxiety.Help!! by #37144 ..... Flatulence Forum

Date:   12/24/2004 4:36:52 AM ( 17 years ago ago)
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I have been suffering from flatulence caused by anxiety for over 5yrs now. It first began as simply as a notable increase in my flatulence and I visited a clinic where some tests were carried out and they informed me that everything was normal. They then prescribed some tablets that were to help get rid of the gas which unfortunately were of no help.
Being a naturally anxious person,I begun obssessing about it and dreading social situations.Now 5yrs down the line,simply put I am an emotional wreck!The flatulence is now triggered by the anxiety and whenever I am in any social situation of any sort, it's like there is a flatulence "free for all", an "all you can fart" session!!!(only humor can get me through this)
It is awful, humiliating and beyond embarrassing. The worst thing is the fact that I don't feel them coming out, it is simply like an open tap:uncontrollabe.It just keeps on coming and only stops when I leave the social situation.To add salt to an already open wound, I very rarely smell it myself I just see the looks on other pples faces. I figure that I block it from my mind and that may be the reason I don't smell it and others do.
I feel "sub-human" and I just want to be normal,interact with others normally and live life to the fullest.I have tried gas X, phyzame but nothing helps because the problem is more in my mind. I recently tried St Johns Wort hoping it would relieve the anxiety but nothing !!!!!
I am inwardly screaming because I don't know how to get out of the cycle of being 1)afraid of passing gas while in the company of others which 2)makes me extremely nervous inevitably 3)causing the dreaded flatulence which 4)causes me to be anxious about humiliating myself and upsetting others 5)hence more flatulence!!!
Is there anybody out there who can help me?? Anyone who knows what I could do to get my life back??
Help me please!!!

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