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Re: friends w/benefits by #37444 ..... Sex & Sexual Health Forum

Date:   12/10/2005 9:12:39 AM ( 17 years ago ago)
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hi mccarty,

first off i don't want you to think i'm totally knocking you, because i'm not. i think the second half of your last note was fantastic, full of wisdom. esp. what you said about the person that has herpes. i just loved your attitude.

but i just have to take exception to your statements about how men 'need' sex more than woman, not true. in my last note to you i mentioned the church because it was just SO obvious that you either are christian or grew up cristian. this thing that the church teaches about men needing sex more than woman - not true. the stuff you brought up about 'good girls' and 'bad girls,' that's just so totally the church lessons talking. one thing i have never understood about the church is that on one hand, it teaches to 'not judge,' people, to accept people, which is what the second half of your note was all about. yet it also teaches to judge everyone based on these 'special' rules about what is good vs. what is not, which is what the beginning of your note is about. frankly, i think the church is skitzophrenic (sp?) in this way - it teaches people to love unconditionally and yet to judge them in an extremely conditional manner. i don't believe that god thinks that god divides women up into 'moral girls' vs. sluts. i just don't believe this whole attitude has anything to do with god at all.

so i'm sorry if i'm digressing here, i realize that my statements may just either start a debate, but i'm not really trying to argue. what i'm saying is that you're judging all these women based on church teachings.

and in true irony, sorry if it seems like i'm making JUDGEMENTS about you :-) (which i guess i am).


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