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Re: Fascists believe in big centralized government... by Fletch ..... Politics Debate Forum

Date:   11/1/2004 11:33:32 PM ( 19 years ago ago)
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Hi Grog,
>>>>>>>You better tell the bushies and the neocons that one I think they forget!

I have never thought of the Bush family as conservative. When Reagan picked Bush Sr. for vp, I was very mad.(Had been hoping for Jack Kemp at the time). Reagan always thought he needed balance in a ticket, which was why he lost for Ford in 1976 when he choose a liberal Republican vp.

>>>>>>>And if the Nazi connection to this administration dont tie it to fascism the unnecassary war in Iraq should !

Russia told Bush twice that Saddam was going to attack us, that alone is enough to raise grave attention. Everyone including the UN believed Saddam was dangerous and helped dangerous enemies to the US. It was soon after 9-11. John Kerry said he would have done the same thing and indeed did vote to do this.

John Kerry said Bush could have used a bit more diplomacy. Problem was the UN and the Frogs were dirty with Saddam with weapons, oil for food and who knows what else. The Frogs told Saddam not to worry, the US will never attack because they will veto it, no matter what. Diplomacy in this case failed and war came because of France who made Saddam think the fix was in. Not that I think Saddam was going to put on tie-dyed tee shirt and start throwing flowers around anytime soon, but diplomacy would have worked better if Saddam would have thought Bush was going to attack, maybe he would have complied with the inspections. This was a weak chance, but much better than France's "help". France and Saddam did not know Bush very well.

>>>>>>>>>>>Hardly small decentralized government! The studies seem to be proving themselves correct! Your also show your ignorance my thinking that the bushies and neocons are conservatives!

See above.

Bush is more conservative than Kerry. Hell, Ted Kennedy is suppose to be more conservative than Kerry, so I suppose I would vote for Ted if he were running against Kerry, ouch.

>>>>>>>>>Fascism is the definition that fits and behind closed doors they are proud of it!

Rrrright. Fascism is socialism(i.e centralized government) to me and Webster. Kerry will make us more centralized or try. I think it is the course and history of all democracies. They end up on a course to be totally centralized once the people realize they can vote moneys from future people to themselves. Then we have revolutions and start all over again and repeat history again. Man likes reruns.

When we made Senators subject to popular vote instead of appointments of state legislatures in the early 1900s, we turned the Senate into nothing more than another house of Representatives. This was the single most damaging thing we ever did to this country and set the path to the increased power of the centralized government even further and decreased state powers.


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