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Re: I meant the healing not the "overlong" story- the story is just what it is-but the steps like what is by DJThompson ..... Adrenal Fatigue Forum

Date:   11/10/2005 9:03:02 AM ( 16 years ago ago)
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With adrenal insufficiency, the first thing to treat is the adrenals. Then I did go about treating the symptoms one step at a time. My doctor gave me the glandular protomorphogens, told me to go on a 3-day fast to rest everything and detox, and to supplement with Celtic Sea Salt , plus adding calcium and B vitamins in the form of nutritional yeast. She informed me that the hives were the result of liver congestion, but then, when you go into systemic failure, you have organs (like your kidneys) trying to overcompensate and then everything also slows down and gets congested or whatever. If I had known about the Ocean Plasma I would have used that instead of the salt, but I only found out about it last year and it only became available a few weeks ago.

I couldn't get through the fast, which slowed down the progress. I was supposed to take the adrenal glandulars for 2 months, but lost a bottle and so that didn't help. By then I was so broke from having to quit work, that I couldn't even replace them.

The worst of the symptoms (anybody have a pins and needles stinging sensation when your body calls for adrenaline and it isn't there?) eased up after I saw the doctor, but I still had the hives, fatigue, and other things, so I started searching for ways to help my still-congested liver, etc. I even got desperate and tried conventional drugs, with no affect whatsoever.

My chiropracter later tested me with some diagnostic program provided by Standard Labs and came to the same conclusions as my naturopath, except she wasn't sure about the thyroid, but he was. He tested my pH and that's when I found out I was so low that I was at risk of other things, like cancer. (Take a look at what I took out of my leg with escharotic salves on my home page. That's my thigh beside the guy with neck cancer). The low pH affects every cell in your body. THAT is what drove me to seawater. It reportedly remineralizes, balances electrolytes, and normalizes pH. I don't know what caused the low pH--the adrenals, thyroid, or low stomach acid, but I just couldn't get it to budge all this time until I got the seawater. I got it for that purpose, but it is doing other things also--energy, muscle pain and my blurry eyesight caused by adrenal-related conjunctivitis. (eye doctors want to give you prednisone for that, but that could affect adrenal function)

I would advise everyone to get pH testing strips. It comes in a roll and you just tear off a little piece and stick it in your mouth or spit on it. It's a saliva test. I use Hyperion brand, but its hard to find. Some pharmacies and health food stores carry it, but you might be more likely to find it at a store with veterinarian supplies. Naturopaths and some chiropracters may also have it. It costs under $10 and lasts a long time. The trick is, you need to test yourself early morning, before anything else goes in your mouth because food, water and even coffee will affect the test. 6. and below is dangerous. 7.4 is in the healthy, slightly alkaline range. As I understand it, when you are too acidic, as most sick people are, your cell walls become hardened and almost brittle for self-preservation, but that interferes with getting the nutrition in and the waste products and toxins out. Most of you here are probably aware of Dr. Budwig's protocol using flax seed oil and cottage cheese. The cottage cheeses has MSM which softens up these cell walls so the essential oils can penetrate. That's why it works so well in cancer and other diseases. I used that at one time also. (I think there is a forum on her here.)

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