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Re: Just a thought - by #49222 ..... Body Odor Forum

Date:   4/26/2006 10:25:56 PM ( 16 years ago ago)
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Good Idea.

My problem is bad breath. I have a Body Odor in stressful situations.
I tried the candida diet. no avail
I tried Liver Cleansing potions. no avail
I know this is not the homeopathic way, but sometimes Science needs to step in.
I have been taking an anxiety pill for the days I know I will be stressed due to me imagining my Body Odor kicking in. This has helped alot. I also use dry sol under my arms due to me sweating alot. I changed deoderants to a pretty smelling one that meshes well with my body. It's called passon flower by lady speed stick. it is very pretty smelling now.
I brush and gargle with h202. and clean my tonsils.
I buy new clothes regularly. light cotton only for me now. Because when my body heats up I smell like onions. I know the new clothes thing sounds expensive but hey, it's better than spending money on snake oil.
I feel calmer and sweat less now. All my old clothes with that nervous sweat smell are in the garbage because the smell does not, no matter what you use, come out.
I feel a lot more confident now, I think what the majority of people actually have is an overactive hypothalamus gland. This cannot be treated. I understand alot of people have more severe cases than I do, but I believe the majority of the smell comes from our breath. Once we can lick that I think we might notice (for some) that we just don't smell that bad. I am thinking of getting my tonsil out. I get tonil stones all the time. I read somewhere that someone had their tonsil removed and his saliva improved. This is one of my problems. My mouth is dry alot no matter how much distilled water I drink.
This is just my scenerio. It might not have been what you are looking for, but It's a start.


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