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Re: WOW!!! I'm new and need some help.... by traC1722 ..... Bowel Cleanse Support Forum

Date:   4/9/2003 1:03:59 PM ( 20 years ago ago)
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Hi there!
I'll try to help. I have been on the Colonix program for 37 days now. ( you take a week break after 30 days). I am very pleased with this program. I know other people on this site use different methods of colon cleansing and there's plenty of info on those too. This program is a little pricey but worth it in my opinion. It's a 3 step program: parasite/yeast killing herbs in capsules, a fiber mix with lots of good stuff in it, and a nightly herbal tea for detox of the liver and mild stimulant. I, too, suffer from chronic constipation and I am still working on that part of it.. I drink plenty of water now ( I didn't used too) and I am still working on my diet. That's the hardest part for me; giving up sweets and carbs.

If you decide to start this program you will have no trouble going to the BR in the beginning, but then as you really start to detox, you may become constipated. I would advise getting yourself an enema bag and start with plain water to start, then you can move on to whatever recipe you want. You will probably feel like crap the first 2 weeks, with major die off symptoms. I felt so bad I wanted to stop but I stuck with it and am glad. You can't believe the stuff that has come out of me; mucoid plaque, ropes, parasite eggs, and worms! This is a bit unnerving in the beginning and you're afraid to go, but then you get used to it.

I wish you best of luck with whatever program you choose. The most important thing is that you just choose and do it!


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