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Liver Flush #5, modified recipe trial--Results by AmyK ..... Liver Flush Support Forum

Date:   4/30/2003 10:30:06 AM ( 18 years ago ago)
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I decided to try the pop/cola flush with lemon juice and OO (Olive-Oil) instead of the OO/GF, since I could barely tolerate the OO/GF after the 4th flush experience. Will give this modified version another go for flush #6 and #7.

I took both Tracey and Marg's suggestions and did the following:

0.5 c OO
.25 c freshly squeezed lemon juice
.25 c cola plus a whole bunch more to deal with the OO

2 x ¼ c OO (Olive-Oil) (could not do the shotglass approach), so each ¼ c became 3 sips chased down by the lemon juice/cola mixture. When the LJ/cola mixture ran out, chased rest of OO (Olive-Oil) with cola. Slightly better than guzzling down the half cup of OO and GF, might be due to doing something slightly different.

620pm, 8pm ES drink --lots of gushing sensation both times, no popping sensations
10pm, OO/LJ/cola concoction--low rumbling, some gushing sensation
640am, 8am, ES drink--lots of gushing sensation only, no popping sensations

Best results so far in terms of quantity. Less of the larger stones, but much more grain size and even smaller ones, the size of seeds. The level of enlightment feeling is different with this flush, more like a sense of relief. I guess all the gushing sensations this time were from the smaller grain and seeds size stones being flushed, vs the popping sensations that I experienced before from the larger grape/marble size stones.

As before here is my inventory (you lot must think I’m really weird! LOL)

½ walnut 0
Reg grape/marble 0
Sm grape 2
Pea 34
Lentil 138
Grain 217
Chaff/seeds 50+ (in the tens and hundreds w each BM, so I stopped counting)

Green 199
Tan 242

Total stones 441

Total stones flushed 1356

Some questions for those who have flushed 5 or more times.

Has the stone size decreased with increasing number of flushing?

Am I at the point of getting out the sediment that’s left?

I realize that the total stone number is different for each individual and that the 2000 stone is a guideline only. Has anybody actually reached the 2000 stone count or more and at what flush number?

Thanks in advance. AmyK


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