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Re: YES a Parasite Cleanse trigger herpes outbreak? by cmilton111 ..... Parasites Support Forum (Alt Med)

Date:   5/25/2003 6:24:37 AM ( 19 years ago ago)
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Dear Wellness and others,
I have had herpes for many years. Herpes is exaserbated by a cleanse or by anything taxes your immune system. When you do a flush you are clearing the body of many toxins. Those toxins are dumped into the bloodstream. You need to drink extra water to clean out your blood and also it helps to take a good B-complex of vitamins. Replacing minerals is a good thing after a flush because our bodies in general are very depleted in this day and age that we live and the flush just got rid of many good things along with the bad. This is the very short version of that process but I think that will give you a clearer understanding of the process.
Some of the best things that I have found to help relieve Herpes syptoms are the following:

-1,000 mg to 3,000 mg a day at first sign of symptoms. I take this amount and it helps relieve my symptoms usually pretty quickly. (Note: I found out that when a body system is high in the amino acid arginine it will be prone to Herpes outbreaks. Some people I have heard never have another outbreak after they begin taking Lysine to balance the system in relation to Arginine.)
-You can put either Alum or Red Cayenne Pepper directly on a Herpes sore and it will usually clear up the next day. This is a bit painful but it is well worth the pain if you have sores like I have had that are large and can last up to three weeks. This works very well for me.
-Some foods are high in Arginine so it helps to know them and not over induldge in them especially if you have symptoms. The foods are as follows:
-Coffee (Really bad if you drink a lot like I used to)
-Caffienated Teas
-Oranges and Orange Juice
-Many nuts (you might want to check with the Health Food Store on this. I just cut back on nuts when I have symptoms.

-Stress seems to have some effect on symptoms. Also to much sun can cause an outbreak.

These are some of the things that I have found over the years dealing with this. I usually have symptoms only for a day or less now. I still have had some very bad occurences but not as many as I used to. Oh! I just thought of something else. If you take any anti-biotics it can possibly cause a reaction. The best thing that I have found to counteract that is some Acidophillus (multi-culture and active culture only especially in yogurt.)
One other thing. My mother had Shingles (extremely painful.) I found out that Collodial Silver is good for that. She took it and she has never had another outbreak since.
I hope this helps,
Charles Milton


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