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Extra Tips for Ultimate Cleansers! by Tracey ..... Master Cleanse Support Forum

Date:   6/13/2003 8:33:02 PM ( 20 years ago ago)
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Ooooh Ngaplz....I almost missed your post!

Let's see....glad to see you've done lots of reading! Excellent.

1. Yes, you can start all 3 programs on the same day. I did! (MC, B&P's & parasite Cleanse)

2. I vaguely remember seeing something about a metal spoon contraindicated with the Bentonite but....I mixed mine with a stainless spoon and I felt my cleanse was supergreat! I mixed it in a glass.

3. I have read that the maximum B&P's for one day is 5. When I did it, I just felt like 4 was the perfect amount for me. I took them 5 hours apart. You'll know what feels right for you. Start with 1 a day...then 2...then 3...and so on. I can get the b&p's up there pretty quickly (I don't tend towards constipation) - by Day3 I was taking 4 a day. BUT some people might not want to do it that way. You'll have to feel it out. If you tend towards constipation you might want to take it more slowly. The lucky thing is, though, that you can do a salt water flush first thing in the morning if after a couple of days you haven't had a bm and are feeling bloated. Just do the SWF (Salt-Water-Flush) and flush it all out. The laxative tea at night and the WARM water in abundance first thing in the morning will probably keep things moving!

4. I did my first Liver Flush at the tail end of my first Master-Cleanse with B&P's. I didn't do the parasite cleanse that first time...and my Liver Flush went sooooo well. Marble-sized golden stones (like in the intraheptic liver stones Images on this site) and I felt great! So - doing a Liver Flush at the tail end is what I suggest!

5. As for a schedule. It's simple really. The B&P's can't be taken within an hour of the parasite Cleanse stuff. Keep them seperate. You can drink the lemonade all day long whenever you feel a hunger pang. Drink WARM water in between the lemonades. This helps to flush toxins out. Drink WARM water first thing in the stimulate peristalsis. Definitely start the day with a B&P and, if you're doing 4 a day, take one every 5 hours. Take the laxative herbal tea right before bed. As for salt water flushes....because you're taking the b&p's they aren't mandatory...unless you feel bloated and backed up because you're not having a bm. Then a SWF (Salt-Water-Flush) would be in order. Some people like to do them on weekends just to make sure everything is flushed out and that is fine too!

6. Side effects? Possible headaches near the beginning (drink that water!). Sometimes long-buried emotions rise to the surface. It's a good cleansing emotionally, too. Heightened awareness of reality is a good side effect! Pure energy is another good one! You'll be cleansing on all levels - Mind, Body and Spirit!

7. If you go to a gourmet food store they will have this French grey natural Seasalt . It's the best for you!

8. Stop taking all vitamins.

I hope you have an excellent cleanse!!..and get out lots of twigs and stuff! There's crazy stuff in there...the darker it is the older it is...and when you're only taking in yellow lemonade when you get that black stuff out it is truly mind-boggling!


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