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Re: Reasoning on Rise in heartbeat during flush by Rusfox ..... Liver Flush Support Forum

Date:   6/29/2003 6:17:55 AM ( 18 years ago ago)
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Hi Starlight!

"Listen, how many of these flushes are you supposed to do anyway?"

Well, It all depends how you feel. If you feel you need it, you do it. As for start I would recommend to do three-four flushes with two weeks intervals. As I heard, liver has several different segments and you have to empty them all first. First I flushed till no stone flush. My fourth flush was no stone flush. Some people need more clenses to flush everything out. You will see yourself how many you will need.

Then, whenever you feel that something is wrong with you,(Discomfort during digestion, pains in liver or pancreas areas, skin condition getting worse... etc) do another flush. In my case it happens every three month or so. Some people feel like doing it once every half a year, or a year. Whatever you feel like.

I don't know how many flushes is too many. But I am pretty sure that if you feel much healthier after each flush it means your body needs it and that means it is good.

This heart bit situation is not really something to worry about. I sometimes have arrythmia myself, but what happens during Liver Flush does not bother me at all. It lasts only for one our and is nothing really special. Last three flushes I did not feel anything at all.

I have not experienced any pain or vomiting. Only once I could feel the stones passing through the ducts, it was with my biggest stones (I still keep them in my freezer and every time I see them I get astonished how big they are - 3 or so cm in diameter!)

I vomited only once, because I made a big mistake: I drank some water and ate around 8 o'clock. (According to the recipe you are not suppose to eat or drink after 2 pm). So the best is to follow the recipy.

You can cut though on Epsoms if your body reacts too much. (For example if you get diarrhea right after your first dose of epsoms, it means your body is very sensitive to it and that it will be enough if in your next epsom doses you take half of what you took your first time).

As for the schedule, I think it is very important to keep it as it is in he original recipy. So if you don't have such opportunity right now, it is better to wait untill you get it. All you need is one evening (from 6pm)and morning (till noon or 1 pm) free.

Good luck with your flushes!

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