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Re: heavy myopia...another questiom by goyogi ..... Eyesight Forum

Date:   5/1/2005 4:32:25 PM ( 17 years ago ago)
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>what would happen if I use a lower prescription as you suggest, and do not exercise enough meanwhile? I worry about 20/30 tiring my eyes a lot, could that tiredness result in another worsening if I do not exercise constantly? the doc always told me that staring to see would damage my eyes.

I don't exercise enough myself. But I constantly practice relaxation techniques to see more clearly. I never strain to see clearly. It's difficult to explain and I feel Bates is a great place to start. And you really don't have to 'exercise' constantly. You should learn proper vision habits and practice those constantly. The exercises can take 10-20 minutes a day or so. While the school semester is going I don't have much time between work and the volunteer hours I put in helping youth. But after school is out I have plenty of free time so I can sympathize with your time predicament. I think learning to relax your eyes is a best thing you can do. And getting a lower prescription while working at your job is probably not going to strain your vision. You can always get a second 20/20 pair for driving although 20/30 is legal.

>you say that I can improve my vision while using glasses, but I checked for info and found out that according to bates, use of lenses even with lower prescriptions, cannot lead to any results from the method.
What about this?
doyou have a personal experience to share?
thanx for yr precious help and support.

Yes, I have a hard time giving up glasses completely. I started at -4.50 with astigmatism and went down to -3.75 with the astigmatism removed. And I should be at -3.50 but my crummy optometrist said "oh, you have 20/15 vision with your prescription now, that's great!" and wouldn't lower it. The way I did it was mainly through getting "computer glasses" since I only need to see a couple feet in front of me to see the computer where I am all day long. Then as my vision improved I would push the computer monitor away and as soon as it was as far away as possible I would lower my prescription again and bring the monitor in close again and do it all over.

When practicing bates exercises you must remove the glasses. When I remove the glasses and practice I definitely get more benefit than when I leave my glasses on and do it. There is definitely a psychological attachment that has developed between glasses and clear vision that I am slowly breaking.

I'd HIGHLY suggest getting a book or two on the subject because it's so much more than I can go into in a forum post. Also join the many vision groups on the site. there is batesmethod, focus_on_vision_training, i-see, 2see, vision_therapy, visionsenz, visionforlife. It's alot to read and there are some conflicting views but try and see what works for you. It takes some experimenting but the first time you see a small breakthrough is awesome! You are now starting to fly against the grain of current mainstream optometric practice. Congratulations. :)

Oh, another great tool is the "magic eyes" 3-d books. They are a fun tool to practice good vision habits. There are not as many books on this out there as there used to be but you can find used ones out there on I'm going to get off the computer now and have fun with these books!


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