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uterine cysts by starlight ..... Ask CureZone Community

Date:   7/26/2003 1:38:39 AM ( 20 years ago ago)
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this is about my neice again.....the last time i posted here about her (she is 13) she had swollen lymph nodes on her neck and above her collar bone. They wanted to surgically remove it, but I talked my sister out of that, so, thankfully, my neice did not have the surgery! But, she refuses to do the least, so far. We're hoping she'll come around. The thing is, about 3 yrs. ago she had a number of cysts around her uterus burst. For a few months prior to this, she started having a real dislike for chicken, which she normally liked. She wouldn't eat it at all. Every now and then, when she would try to eat just a little of it, she would get TERRIBLE cramping in the stomach and small intestine area...REALLY BAD PAIN, for a few hrs.....this went on for a few months, and then finally, one day when she at A LITTLE bit of chicken, she began having such great pain that her mother (my sister) rushed her to the ER because she thought it might be something really serious. Well, they just put her in a room and gave her some light painkillers, and just let her wait it out! (she could have done this at home!) They took some x-rays, and told my sister that it was cysts on and around the uterus! Then, they began bursting. They just let her lie there with this. The next day when my sister took her home, they basically told her that the "stuff" inside the cysts drained into my neices body and would eventually just be expelled. Now, this sounded fairly normal to my sister, but she didn't know anything else anyway. That was three yrs. ago, and basically after a short recovery (about a week or so) my neice was back to normal....and EATING CHICKEN again! So, now, (3 yrs. later), my neice begins getting swollen lymph nodes, and doesn't want to eat chicken again! She basically feels o.k., she doesn't feel sickly or anything....she just doesn't want to eat chicken, she doesn't even like the smell of cooking chicken! this is what happened 3 yrs. ago....she started not liking chicken...then after a few months of this, she started with the horrible cramping.....then finally the cysts around the uterus that burst. it's as if it's starting up, i told her to use a castor oil pack on her uterus to draw out the cysts (if there are any again)....and definatley do the flushes, which she doesn't want to do! but, what about the chicken? it definatley seems like there's a connection somewhere....because 'here we go again"...except THIS TIME swollen lymph nodes are coming along with it! which to me seems like there would be some sort of virus in her system.....she has taken her to a conventional dr. but he says there's not virus...but i do believe there's definatley SOME root causing this. i know this is a long story, sorry. but, i wanted to fully explain this whole thing.....thank you to anyone who can help!!!!!

sincerely, starlight

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