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Re: Amazing 3rd flush- WEIRD things- FLUKES??? by wellnessyoga ..... Liver Flush Support Forum

Date:   7/7/2003 8:01:02 PM ( 18 years ago ago)
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Yesterday I had a most surprising flush. Not as many stones as after the second flush. About eight 1/2 inch stones, and 15 pea size stones, plus many broken up peaces. But what came after blew my mind. All I know is these are NOT things I have once eaten!
One seven inch long translucent worm- like thing with a pea siced brownish "eye" in the middle. 20 brownish rubbery things(parasites?), two were 1 inch long, the rest abt. 3/4 inch long, and all abt 1/4 " wide. Some look like they have little sticks coming out, with tiny reddish dots on them. Some have those dots on their "bodies" ,too. All look different. One looked somewhat like an embryonic unicorn, another like a misformed baby crab. (This is much more interesting than tea leave reading...) And then there were many small specimen, less than 1/4". I was so shocked with the first group of eight, that I flushed them down. Too bad, those were the biggest. When there were more, I decided to take some to a lab.
The thought of going to sleep with possibly some more of these strange critters up my colon motivated me to take another enema, with way more water and holding it in longer, than I had ever managed before! Well, I thanked myself for the courage, because it was worth it.
I had followed Hulda Clark 's protocol before the liver flushes, but even the parasite cleanse then produced nothing. After my second liver flush, I started using Bob Beck's silver pulser and zapped myself one hour daily. Something obviously worked.
WHAT ARE THESE THINGS??? Maybe some of you experienced folks can tell by my description? Are they liver flukes or? I have tried to look at the pictures at the parasites site, but there are 75, gave up after looking at 10, my computer takes forever.
Still feeling yeacky about what came out of me, and what else might still be in me....

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