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Re: Missing my boyfriend........ by been there done that ..... Relationship Support Forum

Date:   1/15/2004 11:29:55 PM ( 18 years ago ago)
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It's not just the way of venting, it's the way of realizing that you have them. When I sat down to write a poem, my pen was just an "instrument of defense" against STRESS and I had absolutely no idea that I would be able to write ANYTHING at all, let alone a poem. At first, I sat in front of the paper for two hours,...nothing. Then I came back to the paper the next night and sat for an hour and a half before one word came to mind that sounded "cool", but nothing more came out of my mind that night. When I came back to the paper the third night, I started to think about other words that could in any way be meaningful to me. After another half hour, I had the first sentence of a poem. Another ten minutes, and the poem was built and I was surprised that it made so much sense. The other poems also took almost half a week before I had even one word on paper. I never realized that I had thoughts like that. I never even realized until after I wrote the post 2 days ago, that the order in which I wrote the poems made so much sense. The order in which I wrote the poems (the same order that I put them on the Poetry forum) was that the poems were the experiences that I needed to realize in SEQUENCE.

The first one (Only the Strong Survive) taught me (helped me realize) to WALK (instead of be a doormat),

The second (Moonbeams) taught me to FEEL (as human beings should do), and...

The third taught me NOT to DWELL in time (like a "time TOURIST"),

The fourth taught me to be a PARTICIPANT in life (and that I do have control).

I only UNKNOWINGLY unlocked everything that was locked up inside of me. It will all pour out, don't give up. Don't plan on publishing what you write, let your poems be a secret diary, because if you plan to publish, you will be self-conscious when you write. These poems must be only for the most important person called "YOURSELF".

been there, done that

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