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Re: VIRIAL DISEASES DISABLED BY 50 TO 100 MICROAMPRES OF CURRENT by #162309 ..... Newsletters: Educating Instead of Medicating

Date:   9/19/2002 2:11:03 PM ( 19 years ago ago)
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Thank you for posting your message. You are right that the pharmaceutical companies do not want cures publicized. I don't have AIDS or any disease, I am only concerned about the suppression of cures and the people afflicted by the coverup. There was a discovery in 1995 that people in Mediterranean countries have been using for centuries. Whenever someone would get sick, they would pick an olive leaf off a tree and chew it. The discovery was brought to this country and studied by a doctor who wrote a book on it ( I forget the name of the book,. I gave it to an AIDS counselor). The OLIVE LEAF EXTRACT cost about 80 cents a day at the health food store and the book costs $6.95. OLIVE LEAF EXTRACT kills VIRUSES (137 diseases last count) including AIDS and ANTHRAX by strengthening the immune sytem with no side effects. Sadly, I think that it is not only the pharmaceutical companies that are responsible for the suppression of cures, but society's own disbelief in NEW cures (people like to depend only on conventional medicine). Kind of like a "SOCIETAL COMFORT", people don't react very well to new informatin, it upsets the status quo. Anyway, the news of the OLIVE LEAF EXTRACT hasn't travelled very far since it's discovery. Doctors have used it. In using it, you must be aware of the "DIE OFF EFFECT", there will be a lot of dead bacteria left in your body after use and they must be flushed out by drinking EXTRA water (feeling sick until they are flushed 3-5 days is normal).

P.S. STAY AWAY from Aspartame (diet soda poison) read about it on this website, people have walked away from their wheelchair within 32 hours of discontinuing it's use.contains same chemical as bee stings if allowed to get warm.


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