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Re: my acne experience and plan to tackle it by thekat ..... Acne Forum

Date:   9/13/2004 7:43:05 AM ( 17 years ago ago)
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Wow, thanks for all my replies. I spent all day yesterday reading Curezone and also looked at the Sensiblehealth website. I keep changing my mind about what i ought to do. I did mean to mention Liver Cleansing too and I know that's probably a MAJOR contributor to my bad breakouts. I.m also going to purchase an enema kit cos as much as I'd love to have a series of colonics I don't think I could afford them on top of everything else. Iwould do it though, if nothing else seemed to clear my skin.

It's terrible at the moment, covered in bumps, redness and whitehead. I didn't take my son to playgroup because of it. It took me over half an hour to look half-decent and even then I looked awful! Even covered in make-up it looks so bumpy and my skin is so puffy and red. It's so unfair on my son to cancel arrangements and I am therefore determined to do whatever it takes to stop these breakouts.

A new book over here called 'You are what you eat' is the no.1 bestseller at the moment. She advices to take swedish bitters to detox the liver a(and also advises colonics) and I was therefore going to order those, but I don't want to pay for something if it's not going to work as well as something else i.e. Chinese bitters. These aren't available in the UK though so I'd have to pay $106 dollars to get them to the UK. Is it worth it I ask myself? If it's sure to work then a resounding yes! I think it's best to get the 4 bottle kit. Is that right?

Other stuff I do for my skin is drink carrot juices most days, drink lots of water and eat generally really healthy (except for those Friday nights when I can't resist). I also do yoga for 30 mins each morning 5 times a week. Since having my son I've become quite against eating additives and processed food so don't include any of those in my usual diet. In fact, almost all the food I eat is homemade. So, I ask myself, after all this - why on earth am I not a glowing picture of health?!!! I must, must detox. It's the only thing left for me really.

One other thing, do I need to do a fast first? I've been looking at the lemonade fast and the flaxseed/cottage cheese diet. And should I also do a parasite cleanse, just to cover all options?

Thanks for all the advice. This is such a great forum and I have strong faith that in a few month's time I will have really helped my skin. If I no longer get a puffy face and a white tongue that will also be a huge bonus!

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