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I havent successed the riddle of acne yet too. by Boy of Sun ..... Acne Forum

Date:   3/17/2005 11:18:05 AM ( 16 years ago ago)
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I have not successed the riddle of Acne too. I have done alot of things including killing candida if I have ever one, cleaning and flushing the bowel and livers, and experimenting what I eat in long term from raw vegan diet to dairy & wheat diet. So, now I am left with one theory is to pay attention when and how I eat and drink. Timing and how much I eat and drink. That's all. I will suggest you to try this too because this seems improving my Acne but i cant confirm because I havent passed this riddle too unfortuantely. We should look at whole lifetsyle picture how and what it may cause. If you want my suggestion, I would say, stop the body cleaning for now. Just stick with good diet which including meat, vegetable, and grain like rice, and fruit. Like trying to keep your meals spreading.. instead of two huge meals in a day. and try to not drink too much too. Drink when u are thrist or want to drink. Not just drink to clean yourself. THis may cause worse. So, I am with you. I hate Acne period. Acne is self-destructive. Try to look at ur lifestyle instead of going into details like which supplements you should take.. which oil to drink.

I have pretty done alot including killing the candida if I have ever one, changing my diet to raw vegan diet to many others too, and cleasing and flushing the liver, and cleaning the bowel. So, I am left nothing really. So I have noticed now a possible theory that over eating and drinking may cause acne. But it is still questionable. So, I still havent successed the riddle of acne. I am like done with internal cleansing and diet change. Now only thing I am focus on lifestyle like how much I eat and timing I eat to see what it may affect. I dont take any supplement too. I am currently on dairy-free diet. I eat meat, vegetables, and strach liek rice and potato. Maybe two fruits per a week whenever I am in mood.

Like I said, I just pay attention to the general thing like when, how, and what I eat and drink. I keep looking a whole picture instead of going into details of thousand supplements.

So, if you want me to make suggestion, I would suggest you to stop doing the body cleaning and try to look how and when you eat over the time. I hate ACNE. It is self-destructive.

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