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34681! by janaki ..... Acne Forum

Date:   6/13/2005 9:50:16 AM ( 16 years ago ago)
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Were there a magic ticket to cure acne! I think it is usually a combination of factors. Your diet sounds good...pitta-pacifying would be appropriate. I am not an expert on the specifics of such, you should consult a book for this.

I can understand your frustration with the Ayurvedic doctor. You don't mention doing any sort of cleansing, except I guess you did mention a fast. You also don't mention whether you drink alcohol, take medications, whether you exercise and what your daily routine is. I would really recommend that you do some bowel cleansing (enemas or colonics) and that you try a series of liver flushes. If your lifestyle or routine or diet has not always been good, or if you've taken a lot of Antibiotics or medications you may have a congested liver. You should also take care not to eat late at night (I would guess you don't, but just in case!)

What really helped me was changing my diet to a strict Ayurvedic diet and I began a series of urine enemas at home. This is also coming from an Ayurvedic tradition. Strictly from experience, there seems to be something very soothing to well being in the use of the urine. It seems to help with breaking down and eliminating old stuff in the bowel. It also promotes deeply peaceful feelings and a calmer mind. I would be happy to provide instructions for this protocol if you are interested.

I would try not to pick or squeeze pimples, since this is what causes the scars. You can instead take some facial steams, and use either lavender or neem oil on the pimples applied with a q-tip.

I hope this helps. I would really encourage you towards bowel and Liver Cleansing protocols.


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