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Re: Here Ya Go, superMan! by #42407 ..... Abortion Debate Forum

Date:   3/27/2006 6:11:13 PM ( 16 years ago ago)
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<<<"Why is it that you pro-choice people are so disgusted, revolted and insulted by pictures, videos -- or even discussions -- that illuminate the physical horror of abortion....">>>

About the pictures and videos: because they are MANIPULATIVE and DECEPTIVE.

People who are reading this board who are possibly considering abortion, and who have never had one, will look at those pictures and videos and believe that every abortion is done this way, WHEN THAT IS NOT THE TRUTH. This is the same as lying to someone. Instilling FEAR by FALSE INFORMATION in women and girls just so they will not have an abortion.

And <<<"the physical horror of abortion....">>>:

Again, that is not the truth in the majority of cases. FEAR by FALSE INFORMATION. Have YOU ever had an abortion? Then how would YOU know? This is the same as lying to someone.

<<<"yet you seem to get a giddy, joyful high fighting for it's world-wide acceptance?">>>

I fight against people trying to manipulate, control, and judge others. Everyone has their own choice. If someone wants to have a baby, it's THEIR CHOICE to have it, just like if someone wants an abortion, it's THEIR CHOICE to have one. It's none of my business to order them around in regards what to do with their own body.

I'm sure that you already knew the answers to these questions


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