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Re: I have a question for all you pro-choice geniuses by superhero ..... Abortion Debate Forum

Date:   3/27/2006 6:14:06 PM ( 16 years ago ago)
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Nancy, I appreciate your attempt at an answer. It was very well thought out and an accurate portrayal of what you believe. But let me try one more thing to get you to understand what I'm asking:

Let's play like I hate the New York Yankees. I hate derek Jeter, I hate Alex Rodrigiez, I hate Joe Torre. (This is not true, only an example)

Now let's make a correlation to abortion. Even though I hate the Yankess, why or how in the world could it be possible that I would stand up and cheer at the top of my lungs when they win the World Series? And In essense, that's what you're doing. You may not admit it but there are millions of women in this country who would burn down whole cities if Roe-v-Wade got overturned. The passion on the left for abortion is spellbinding. Maybe "giddy" is the wrong word. But many on your side would fight to the death for abortion to be legal. That is what I meant by my wording.

So here it is again phrased differently:

When pro-choicers see a visual representation of abortion, many get repulsed and offended by what they see....often times even berating the person who dared to post such a terrible image. My question can one stand up for something that -- by their own interpretation -- is offensive, disgusting and wrong?

How can they hate the Yankees yet cheer when they win the World Series? It's the same question re-worded. How can you CHEER for abortion, yet hate the ACT?

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