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Stats of a Pro-choicer by supersport ..... Abortion Debate Forum

Date:   4/13/2006 8:43:40 PM ( 16 years ago ago)
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A couple posts recently have inquired about people's ages/sex/religious affiliation. But I don't think the inquiry asked enough. I have often had a vision of what a typical pro-choice person is like. The following is my imagination running wild, I'm sure...but it's also my gut feeling. Here's what my gut tells me about the people I'm arguing against. (Before anyone flips out, this is not geared toward a specific person!)

You are overwhelmingly female. You are either unhappily single or unhappily married, possbily seeking a divorce. You think men are stupid, worthless, and rarely carry their own weight. You were surely a rebel growing up and you probably have never gotten along with your parents. You're either an athiest or some other variation of non-believer. Thus you feel strangely empty inside and you're a likely candidate for depression, anxiety, or the very least cold-hearted apathy...(especially if you eat junk food all the time.) It seems nothing ever goes right for you, and strangely other people (mostly right-winged conservatives) are always to blame. Hate rules your being. At the top of the list is your hate for President George Bush. Christians, in general, would probably be a close #2. Christmas (the whole month of December, really) is also generally hated, though you do like the days off from work -- you also like getting presents. Rounding out your hate would be a staunch right-winged America and of course any faith-based organization ie..churches. (It doesn't matter that these help feed and house poor people)

But don't get me's not all bad for you pro-choicers. You guys are great to have around if one plans on engaging in a gang fight. You guys can fight and curse people out like no one else! Also if I was to ever engage in a full city-wide riot I would absolutely want you people on my side...especially if facing the police! And here's something else good: If we were stuck on a deserted island together facing starvation with limited amounts of food, we wouldn't have to worry about any baby being born, who could potentially consume all our rations. You'd take care of that problem real quick. It would just be you and me, together, driving each other insane.



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