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Re: Ear Cleaning by 5mom5 ..... Ask Barefoot Herbalist

Date:   1/5/2005 7:53:19 PM ( 17 years ago ago)
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Hello -

Just thought I'd give some personal advice that works wonders for my family of 5 children...
We use Wallys Naturals ear candles. You can buy them online in bulk at - In the healthfood store near me, they cost about $12 for plain and $14 for herbal, like lavender and euchalyptus which I like very much. I buy the seconds because they are much cheaper and almost the same quality.

To do it, I recommend you use a small round tin pie plate, cut out a hole to fit the candle through, and have the person getting the ears candled lean on a table, counter, etc.
I hold the candle at an angle into the ear so it is IN the ear with no smoke emitting which means the candle is not working. The candle needs to perform a "Chimney like Effect" which is to draw out impurities.

As the candle burns, you remove the candle cut with a scissor into a waiting Lg. bowl of water, and place back in ear to continue. I try to let the candle burn as LOW as I can, because it really does its work towards then end when the heat has had time to soften the wax and remove it.
You MUST do this at least 3 times per ear, but I have done it sometimes 8 times on my husband because his wax gets impounded. I also make my own fresh garlic oil, but you can buy that as well. I like to saute a clove a few minutes then use a dropper from my homeopathic meds and drop in the ear after candling. This is my treatment for colds, runny noses, etc. Antibiotics are a waste for ear infections. They don't work. This works.
Guaranteed. Any questions, feel free to email me. I have gotten about 25 moms onto this stuff in the past year and would love to recruit more!


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