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--where does truth come from?-- by moreless ..... Ask Moreless: pH Balance

Date:   9/1/2006 8:28:37 PM ( 16 years ago ago)
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Hi Givati,

"IF" you would have read "ALL" of my past posts, you may would have come across some relating to the idea that "IF" one has a problem that they are unable to solve, then they maybe do not understand the "TRUTH" about the Root cause of the problem!

For, "IF" they understood the "TRUTH" then they may could solve the problem facing them?

Now , comes the Question, where does one find the "TRUTH" ??

Politically correct people are far from the Truth, because they believe it is what ever they may so well please it to be, based upon the general consensus of the popular vote, which may keep them in good standing with their Peers!

So, just where may the truth come from?

Maybe it would be correct "IF" one considered to check with the "CREATOR" of the substance--product--machine--plant--animal--person--etc, that just maybe then you could learn about the "TRUTH" about the question at hand?

The problem which may exist, may be that many people do not Believe they have a Creator, so for these people, they may remain Decieved in False ideas, when they try to understand and solve many problems which may come about to themselves!

But, this Lack of "TRUTH" on their part does not stop them from coming up with all kinds of theories, to try to understand the Unknown to them!

And for those who may have come to this understanding that they have a Creator, which designed them, and that this Creator supplied a Manual to read to learn how to properly take care of themself in such ways to help solve most any problems which they may encounter in this physical Life, then these people are held accountable for this knowledge which has been given to them!

Now for those who do not or who have not known about this manual about how to live Life, they are not without excuse either!

For it is said that they are "ALL" without excuse, for the handy works of the heavens and the earth are reason enough for a person to see and believe!

Even the animals know what needs to be done to Live and prosper and the plants do not need anyone to tell them what to do!

It is "ONLY" mankind who has been Decieved in his thinking, and "ONLY" because he allows it to be so!

When a person makes a choice to be sorry and not Help themself, then no one may Help them either!

You can lead a horse to water, but you can not make it drink!

So, when you come to clearly understand and believe this, then you may have great relief, in as far as you are to be willing to Help those who Really want help and "Not" before they want help (for this may turn them against you, if you try to convince them against their will) , then with this understanding, you may go about your Life in Happiness and not get upset by trying to force ideas on others, because you may consider they need to know ( even tho they may need to know) , but the simple Truth is that they are "NOT" ready to know the Truth, so it is better to leave them along with their choices and to suffer with their choices, until they may wake up and are willing to change, then you may Help them, when they make the choice to change, and not before!

So, this way you may offer help, and when they turn it down, do not force the issue, for they are not ready to improve their Life, yet!

And you need not worry over them not being willing to change!

Just go on with your Life and learn to enjoy it and be a shining Lite on the mountain and sooner or later those who want to change for the Better, may find you and seek answers, and then you may share and they will use the info to Benefit themself and others around themself!

What more can you Hope for?

Smile Tis your choice.

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