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Re: What are these? by esme90 ..... Parasites Support Forum (Alt Med)

Date:   9/4/2006 7:57:13 PM ( 17 years ago ago)
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Could what you have be flukes? I'll search out some websites for you (DPDx and Patient UK, so good reliable medical info ;-) ) but I need to get to bed soon now. If it's any consolation, you are not alone. Look on the morgellons website and you'll see those sufferers got similar treatment by the doctors. I've had similar treatment, except I'm an OT student, so they can't be quite so peremptory with me. Instead, I've had several rather catty arguments with the doctor at the hospital for tropical diseases, and the dermatologist has cancelled my appointment once. I think he's avoiding me. I still reckon that I don't have morgellons, (as in fibres of unidentified substance comin gout of skin), but strongyloides.
Shroom, if you read this, have a look at hyperinfection by strongyloides. That can be subcutaneous, as can blood flukes. I'm more inclined to think Lorim has blood flukes because they could be leaf shaped if flattened out. I'll look on DPDx and Cambridge Uni for pics.
Lorim, I think a lot of the "scientific" theories about parasites are now defunct, because I think there is some truth to Hulda Clark 's theory of benzene allowing parasites to have life stages in humans that originally would have had to have happened in a host of a different species. That's how I think you continue to have liver flukes.
I found neem helped with the strongyloides, but hasn't killed them all off. Perhaps because I didn't take strong enough doses ( I have this tendency to miss middle doses because of a hectic lifestyle).
This is probably a stupid question, but have you done a parasite cleanse using Clarkia or Humaworm? (ie. internal) That should help.
esme, who has to be up early for school tomorrow. Good night

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