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Re: From a snail to a dog!! by Blue Eyes ..... Dreams Interpreting Forum

Date:   9/21/2006 6:58:00 PM ( 18 years ago ago)
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The dream indicates a situation in which the mental attitude being used gives a very positive and favourable impression. (in a house – very warm and inviting) There is evidence of intelligence being used (lamps giving light) that also may seem quite loving (soft lighting). However it needs to be noted that this is not light or intelligence that needs to be looked up to or greatly respected as these are table lamps – not ceiling lamps. This is portable light which implies knowledge or ideas brought into the mind from outside sources. A basic principle found in this mental attitude may be very “above board” – honest, legitimate (floor boards) and suggest knowledge that reflects intelligence. (wooden – highly polished) This also means that the activity performed on such a floor could be regarded as “above board”. Here this might apply to putting out plates of food – possibly the idea of a buffet type meal or simply the idea of sharing food for thought with other people.

The snail, being an animal, represents an emotional aspect of your own nature, one that can incline you towards slowness or proceeding slowly. (“at a snails pace”) In this situation there is apparently no real room for this quality of nature (snail in the hallway) and an aspect of yourself reacts with horror to it. (one of the people cries out in horror) While you feel expected to get rid of any inclination to go slowly, the True Self does not look forward to doing so – probably because this aspect of nature is found not to be overly emphasized or intensely felt (small), there is intelligence in it (yellow), and it leaves nothing hidden (transparent) and it can take other forms (plastic)

As you take the option (door) to try and eject – or reject – this feeling of going slow, this feeling is seen in a different form. (not a snail but a dog). When slowness is seen in terms of a dog , i.e. as a feeling that can be “man’s best friend” – you could ask yourself why you are rejecting this aspect of your nature. The friendly aspect of the snail-dog seems quite desirable. (lovely dog)

On a physical level of interpretation, the snail will represent someone who gotten into a situation and is not welcome – probably someone slow [at picking up on new ideas ?] or perhaps who gives an impression of having a lowly nature but who can also be seen for their friendship and loyalty. A plus factor is that the person is very transparent.


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