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To redlepton Re: Ouch!! criticism from spouse re diet & cleansing by julieuma ..... Ask Barefoot Herbalist

Date:   9/23/2006 1:13:01 PM ( 16 years ago ago)
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Wow, that sounds like a really worthy venture, for those who are able to
relocate and can afford to buy a house! Really cool. We are where we want
to be geographically (other than Hawaii that is! :-) We are in a coastal
community in Central CA, which is about as close to paradise as one gets
here in the U.S., I think--super clean air from all the ocean breezes,
the best organic produce arguably in the world (more small organic farms
than anywhere else), very high consciousness compared to most of the rest
of the country, close to beaches and redwoods, and we live within 3 miles
and 1.5 miles, respectively, of our work places, so no commute. My husband
bought the property in the mid-seventies when it was still affordable, and
built the house himself, so we do not have a mortgage! So we aren't
moving. (He probably wouldn't be attracted to a raw-vegan community anyway,
regardless.) Yes, you're right, I may well have to take care of my
husband in his old age. He is very, very strong (and very strong-willed)
and can (and does) do a lot of work--now. I'm concerned about what he's
going to be like 10 and even 5 yrs. from now. His medications sure are not
doing much. But with Parkinsons it's a waiting game. There are supposedly
some advancements coming down the pike, but with the stem cell research
going very slowly, I am not all that hopeful. His health problems cannot
be addressed by diet alone. Yes, a different diet would probably help
OTHER conditions, but the Parkinsons...he feels it was brought on by the
prednisone that he was given (IV) for his ulcerative colitis decades ago,
during all those hospital visits. I'm sure it all had a cumulative effect.
I have read that PD is from pesticides and herbicides. He didn't work on
a farm or ranch, but pharmaceutical drugs are well known to have adverse
effects on our bodies, including our brains. This is called iatrogenic
illness--brought on by the administration of medication and toxic
procedures such as chemotherapy or radiation treatment, for example--or
just plain surgery. It is hardly all his fault, and I am not blaming him
altogether. For him to change at this point would be like the QE (Queen
Elizabeth) turning around in port. It would be too little, too late, I think
is the way he feels. I can only hope that once he is retired (in around 2 1/2
yrs. or so) he will have more time and energy to devote to his health,
other than taking medication and some of the supplements he uses.
Thanks for your input~

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