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To dragondawg by Blueduck ..... Animals & Pets Health Support

Date:   1/25/2004 3:45:20 AM ( 17 years ago ago)
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I am not Peachy but I have plenty to say about chemo. I have never ever seen any person or animal cured of cancer by chemo.......OR radiation as far as that goes. I have seen either and both treatments appear to cure cancer.....which then returns with a vengeance. If a disease comes back it is not cured.

You say:
>>>>>>Unfortunately that choice has to be made more each day with cancer becoming epidemic in our older pets. Itís a choice where the pet owner has to put aside their own phobias for the well being of their pet. Initially itís a very difficult choice but one that must be based on the reality of the situation. When your dog is seriously ill with cancer you just do not have time to experiment with magical diets, mushroom extracts, and other concoctions- time will run out quickly if you do nothing. The first decision made by the owner per course of action is frequently irreversible.<<<<<<<<

Paranoia is an unbased fear. Being scared treatment of cancer by either chemo or radiation is not paranoid. The reality of the situation is that if a person subjects a pet to chemo, the pet will die. It may prolong the animal's agony.....that's about all. It may appear that the cancer is gone. Not for long though.

The only statement you made that I do agree with is the last line above in the paragraph that I reposted from your post........which I interpret to mean, if you decide to have chemo done to your pet, THAT course of action is irreversible: Dead Pet.

End of least for now.

In case you do not know, the motto of Curezone is to educate, not medicate.



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