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Re: 1st MC: maple syrup, hiv, bentonite, olive oil by frostbite ..... Master Cleanse Support Forum

Date:   10/27/2006 8:44:29 AM ( 16 years ago ago)
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I am really no expert, having only done one MC, but here's my two cent's worth:

1) Original Master-Cleanse recipe allows only maple syrup, sugarcane juice or blackstrap molasses (the last one was an option for diabetics, if I remember correctly). Knowing that, I still compromised and substituted raw organic honey for maple syrup. Of course purists would say it was not a Master Cleanse, but it did work just the same. I would not recommend the use of heated or refined honey. Yes, I am aware what the book says about honey. Then again - If Hulda Clark , who is famously paranoid about everything, sees nothing wrong in using honey during cleansing, then that is good enough for me.

2) This is not intended as a medical advice, but just a viewpoint - As far as I know it is quite common to be totally asymptomatic for 10 years and more after contracting HIV. I don't see the point in taking any medication before the symptoms start showing, so no need to worry at this stage about the toxic side-effects.
There is a tiny possibility of a false positive with every test made, so you can look for a second opinion and do another test, preferably by independent lab, not your regular doctor. Just don't expect too much of it, chances are the first test was right. Meanwhile, please mind the safety of your partner and do use a condom. Sorry. Off the preaching mode.

3) Bentonite is not neccessary for a MC. You need not replace it with anything. Same goes for psyllium.

4) Haven't heard of this one, but olive oil and lemon juice are the main ingredients of Liver Flush, which has numerous health benefits, so I'm not surprised. Read more about it on curezone, it has it's own support forum here. DO NOT take any oil during the MC.

Hopefully some more experienced cleansers will add to the above. Cleansing your body and adopting healthier diet and lifestyle will enable you to live healthier and longer for sure.

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