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Re: Meet the discordians of planet earth by #19236 ..... Ask Barefoot Herbalist

Date:   11/6/2006 11:27:57 AM ( 16 years ago ago)
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Very informative site, thank you.

Reptilians, parasites, ops, devils, snakes, souless ones, low lifes, hollow cores, gland deprived, morphs, spirits from 4D, unevolved blood thirsty beings, whatever you want to call them, actually do EAT and FEED off of human beings emotions DAILY. They call this feeding, ions, E-MOT-IONS, e-mot-ions, emotions. The e-mote- ions the reptilians like, and CREATE, to EAT are: fear, horror, shock, pain, misery, suffering, torture, hatred, strife, envy, ingratitude, blindness, poverty, confusion, saddness, despair, s/m behavior, necrophillic ritual, war, conflict, ad nauseum.. Reptilians are negative garbage creating, negative garbage eating, sadio/masochistic beings THAT FEED OFF OF NEGATIVE EMOTIONS. And like all sadists who seek to inflict pain, the flip side, the inside of a sadist is the masochist in him that likes the pain inflicted. It serves the masochistic part of the reptilian or reptilian controlled masochistic side. Sado/masochists are like a coin, a dime, the head being the sadistic part, the tail being the masochstic part. Both s/m are in the same being. A reptilian can not be a sadist without also being a masochist. It is the masochistic part that likes the pain and the sadistic part likes inflicting the pain.
Reptilians, demons, fallen ones, are powerless nothings, zeros, buffalo and bully cons, the only power they have is deceit via misusing a human form or media like tv. And a spiritually aware human can command the spirits in 4D rendering them back into the nothing that they are. With one finger, God, in one instant, God, can banish them all. Gods people can do same. This is the power that reptilians do NOT want Gods children to re-discover.
If you turn off your TV, the puppets and muppets lose the power to generate negative e-mote- ions, that the reptilians feed off of. I only watch tv when I want to pray against it. If I feel like doing that work.

Anyway, if you are independant, happy, joyful, trusting of God, seeking higher knowledge, seeking truth, experiencing love, goodness, healing, bounty, if you feel appreciation, gratitude to God and the Infinite Universe, etc. etc. then the reptilians can NOT feed off of your e-mote-ions, because your ions are so positivly charged they repulse reptilians. Reptilians can only feed off of negative e-mote-ions or stupified e-mote-ions.
A Godly, or All Good, man or woman coming from 12D can turn all the phantasmagoria of reptilians and lost 4D maya back into the pure white light that is All. Before color light hits the fractal prisom spectrum it is a pure white light, it is only after hitting a prisom does light fracture into the spectrum prism of rainbow and primary colors and density we discern as earthly sight and material manifestation. All just maya manifestation.

When you get to 12D, you are in pre prism pure white light, before it hits the fractal color prism and goes into manifestation of matter or maya.


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