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Magnesium, Liver Flush, Candida and confused by Anthony ..... Liver Flush Support Forum

Date:   7/28/2002 1:31:37 AM ( 19 years ago ago)
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Can someone explain what is the difference between Magnesium sulfate Magnesium citrate and Magnesium oxide, please? Does all Magnesium have a laxative effect? I know that one of these Magnesium (stearate or trihydrate) is used in the very famous antacids (PPIs)Prevacid and Nexium as a main constitution. Many who have taken these prescription medicines often complain about tenderness or tightness around the Liver or Right rib cage or Gallbladder area. Is it possible that the gallbladder or the Liver is softened or enlarged due to the Magnesium (XXXX)in the antacid? Could side effects of such antacids be a flaring up of Gallbladder problems? That is to say if Epsom Salt (Magnesium Sulfate)is softening the Gallbladder or Liver before a flush, could the Magnesium content in those Antacids behaving in a similar manner?
I am asking this because I too am planning to the Flush.

I never had symptoms of Gallbladder or liver stones , but recently within a year I was on three different Antibiotic dosages (Cipro for a UTI, Amoxicilin and Biaxin for possible H. Pylori that never was there, a misdiagnose by my Dr. and a dose of Erizthromicine for a flu)

After the Cipro protocol for a mild urinary infection (20 tablets of 500mg in 10 days) on the 12th day I developed pain right below my right ribcage. I also had some stomach pain. When I went back to my Dr. he did an ECG etc. and said that I have a gas attack, or excess HCL in the stomach and it is coming up. So he gave me Prilosec for the next few days, and my pain eased a little but not enough. So when I went back he scheduled me for an EGD biopsy for possible H.Pylori and put me on Prevacid which is stronger than Prilosec. My EGD biopsy came negative but confirmed that I have Esophagitis. (Erosion of the esophagus) The Dr. who performed the EGD is a specialist put me on Nexium another similar newer version of PPI antacid for 6 months. There were little improvement in my stomach pain but the pain around my right rib cage has completely gone. I was not feeling any pain around my esophagus apart from a choking feeling soon after meals. I continued to take the medicine and had to relocate to another State. After one month of Prilosec, two months of Prevacid and two more months of Nexium my stomach pain started increasing, and I found after meals approximately around my Liver area a tightness or tenderness, a slight discomfort, some time a sound like bubbles coming out or a water flushing like effect, may be excretion of some enzymes. So I went to a new Dr. and explained the whole story. He said that my previous Dr. should have given me the Medication for H.Pyroli for possible duodenal ulcer, because it is hard to detect it and in any case if I have H.Pyroli I will be cured and if I don't it'll still clean my GUT of other pathogens. So he gave me the dose of Amoxiciline and Biaxin for 10 days and told me to also continue the Nexium. My condition initially worsened. But after two more months I have no stomach pain but the tightness or the flushing feeling of the right rib area continue to worsen. Also I had lot of bloating and gas problems too. Now six months have gone since I first got the pain there while I continued to take the Nexium, I got a flu with the terrible most sore throat. When I went back to the Dr. he gave me Erizthomicine (sic). But it did not work, and I had to endure the 7 days of misery until the little immunity in me possibly had managed to recover from it. Only then some one enlightened me that with in a period of about 8 months I have had 4 different dosages of Antibiotics and my immunity may be compromised. By now I have acquired new symptoms like hart palpitations, high blood pressure, chronic fatigue etc. I am by now "Sick of Doctors" and decided on my own to give up Nexium too. Nearly 7 more months have passed by now and most of my symptoms have gone too. But that tightness around the right rib is still bothering me very much. One of the things that I had all along the problem from day 1 is that I had a terrible appetite all the time and how ever much I ate I never gained weight and in fact I toned down a little bit possibly due to the effects of Magnesium in all those Antacids.

Now I have symptoms very similar to Gallbladder or liver stones or even similar to Candida Yeast over growth. I am "taking control of myself" and I am on a "Yeast control diet" and taking Grapefruit Seed Extract and Garlic and Caprilic acid. I went on an herbal Bowel Cleanse three weeks ago and that was moderately successful. I have given up Sugar and Sweets completely and any type of simple carbs too. No coffee or tea either. I am on this diet for 6 weeks now and on antifungals for 3 weeks now, there was good improvements after the three weeks of antifungals and I am continuing. I also continue to take probiotics capsules “PB8” and “Primal Defense” and that wonderful Kplus acidophilus live culture yogurt, which almost instantly relieved my gas and bloating symptoms. Also I just did another Bowel Cleanse using Magnesium Oxide.

This is good information from Australia

But the tightness in my right rib is possibly not related to my Candida, and I suspect it to be Gallbladder. So by doing a Liver Flush possibly I can eliminate one problem or possible all my problems. Your thoughts are welcome.



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