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Re: Liver flush and 40 day MC Fast by Pepe ..... Liver Flush Support Forum

Date:   8/9/2002 5:49:47 PM ( 19 years ago ago)
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Hola Alaina,
I'm glad my words have inspired you and now I hope you keep inspiring yourself so you can further benefit from knowing that "you" are taking control of your life now.

I started my return to solid food today. I'm following the prescribed come back and have been drinking OJ today with the addition of 2 oz of wheatgrass juice in the morning and 2 more oz in the afternoon. I just came back from grocery shopping and bought a bunch of organic produce. I have a Champion juicer and a wheatgrass juicer and will also do veggie and wheatgrass juice on a daily basis along with the solid food.

I kinda started the Master-Cleanse fast with 2 weeks as my goal and when I reached that I was feeling so good that I just thought well I'm going in Luke.....;+D and kept going without a very specific goal and just trusting my intuition.

I kinda thought I'd go for 60 days but for around the last seven days or so I started to feel that the fast was just becoming a routine and that I had reached a plateau where I wasn't losing any more weight and my tongue was a nice clean pink so I decided to do the Dr' Hulda's liver flush
and see how I felt. Well I feel great and I've been going around all day like a whirlwind Yehaw!! Really cool clarity of thought. I'll keep doing the Liver Flush till I stop passing stuff.

I think it's cool to set a goal but I think it's more important to self observe as I described earlier in my post to Belle and just trust your intuition.

Several weeks ago I started to do a 5 mile bike ride in the afternoons. I started out easy and taking around 40 minutes to do the 5 miles. Everyday I pushed a little harder till I was doing the 5 miles in 20 minutes so then I added an extra mile. I took a break the last couple of days because of the Liver Flush but I'm sure today I'll do 7 miles!!

I'm real excited about rebuilding now and started to check out some gyms near by so I can get a more complete work out. I'm also considering just getting some weights and a bench and just working out at home.

I'm a whitewater canoeist and I'm really looking forward to tackling some of the tougher rivers and rapids. I have gone canoeing twice during my fast and it's been extra neato cool. The old cliche of "going with the flow" really took some personal meaning now.............;+D

How are feeling on your 7th day I know that there were already some noticeable changes in my skin and my shoulder pain had all but dissapeared after the first 10 days or so.

Good luck and hang tough. Things will only get better!


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