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Re: Leaving a dog home alone - advice please by Zoebess ..... Animals & Pets Health Support

Date:   11/20/2006 5:18:51 PM ( 15 years ago ago)
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Of course you have to ultimately leave your
pet home. Depending on how mature your pup is,
if you have to leave them for a long time,
a roomy crate is very comforting since they
do not have such a large area to "protect".

As they become used to the crate, you can leave
the crate door open and they can have a "place"
where they can go & feel comfortable. If your dog
already has a "room" where he is comfortable,
just make sure there are no appliances plugged
in that the pup might chew on. Leave some toys
and a comfy bed for them. When training a pup
to be left alone, I like to fork over a robe I
have worn with my scent so they are comforted
by the smell of me.

As long as they do not have too many stressors,
they do not seem to mind being left alone and
are glad to see you when you return. I leave
a radio on to mask outside noises which may make
them "alarm" needlessly, and when I return, I
make a deal of giving them a treat and spending
some *petting* time with them. Most of all,
the length of time also depends on the pups
maturity. If you think they will not be able
to hold their water, put down a *piddle pad*
somewhere NOT close to their bed. You can always
start by leaving the pet alone for short periods
and then they will naturally extend and your
pet will not feel stressed.

Good luck~~I used to tote my dog around everywhere
since she was a therapy dog, but heat issues and
then more dogs, we do leave them alone and they
do fine.



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