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Re: Lavendar oil works for burns. by Tracy McGreggor ..... Aromatherapy & Essential Oils Forum

Date:   8/5/2002 7:13:25 AM ( 19 years ago ago)
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Hi Elaina:

I just got up about an hour and a half ago and saw your post. Iím sitting here drinking a cup of Habanero tea and trying to shake the cobwebs out of my head. But here goes on the Nopalli gel packs.

Be sure to get fresh cactus from an unpolluted source. Be sure that no one has sprayed anything on or around the Nopalli plant and that it is not next to a road or driveway where it might have been contaminated by exhaust fumes.

Then, take a knife and cut off a quantity of ears. I try to get the older, thicker, more mature ears, but not the ones that have too much fiber in them. These work better for gel packs since they have more medicinal qualities in them. Then lay an ear flat on a cutting board and cut it into squares of various sizes, making sure that all of the pieces have cut edges. Then turn each piece up on end and trim the skin from each side. When this is done, you will have a piece of fileted Nopalli. Put these pieces into small resealable plastic bags and put them into the freezer. When you have a burn to treat, take out one piece of Nopalli gel and put it onto the burn. These pieces of frozen, filleted, Nopalli, are called Nopalli gel packs.

If the burn is very minor, one piece of gel should be enough. But if the burn is more serious, it may take several. You can tell this very easily. If you still feel pain when the gel pack starts to become warm, replace it with another. Keep replacing them until you no longer feel pain when the gel pack becomes warm.

I also use Nopalli to make Nopalli extract. I use this extractas in making my heart formula. Nopalli has wonderful medicinal properties for use in heart disorders, or for me, I just use it as a preventative measure in case I ever have a heart attack. I take my heart formula every day. Itís easy to make, and the cost is minimal. And what you make yourself is so much better than anything that you can buy in a store. I think the heart formula is really amazing.

If you have any questions, please ask. Iím happy to help.

Best of Health and keep posting,

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