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Digestive Enzymes by DodgerRodger ..... Body Odor Forum

Date:   11/28/2006 8:01:43 PM ( 15 years ago ago)
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I watched a PBS show over the weekend and the speaker was very convincing. She said that people with body oder and bad breath are not producing the enzymes necessary to properly digest their food. There are three enzymes: Protease for proteins, Amylase for starch, and Lipase for fats. When she mentioned that some people don't produce enough Amylase to digest starch, it really piqued my curiosity. She explained if the starches are not properly digested, they begin to ferment inside one's body producing alcohol. She distinctly said that this causes bad breath and gas. Just a few days ago I had eaten a lot of potatos because they were going to spoil and right after that and for a day, I had plenty of gas and stomach bloating. It sounded like fireworks going off in my stomach and I was passing gas every other minute.

It made sense-I must no be capable of digesting food properly and that is why when I sweated I smelled bad, always had gas and felt like I was "perculating" inside all the time, and my breath was always bad even with all the brushing, mouthwashes, Thera breath, ClosysII, flossing, etc.

Anyway, I went to the store and thought I was going to just buy the enzyme for Amylase, but found out that they sell all three enzymes together. Please note, that I didn't find it at Walgreens but at GNC. I am sure you can google and buy it online. The type I purchased I won't say because I am not selling anything and do not write this than for any other reason than to help and get help. Enough said.

So I got home and I wanted to really test this so I decided I was going to pig out eating sugery snacks and lots of junk food. I knew that by eating food like that, the next day my digestive system would be going nuts and if this stuff really worked, it wouldn't. Well, my stomach was silent, no gas. As far as my breath, I don't know because I don't have anyone I trust to check for me.

This is only my second day now, but at lunch I ate a big ham sandwich with cheese and ate one of those pastries you get at the gas station that is all Sugar and plenty of calories. I took the digestive enzyme pills and still my stomach and digestive system are quiet and not producing any gas.

I think this is working. I hope it is. I will definitely let you know if it isn't or if it is. I taped the PBS special so if anyone wants more information, please let me know.

My belief is that this is why some things work for some people but don't for others. For example, some people seem to kick Body Odor by going vegetarian. Maybe this is because these people don't produce Protease to break down protein.

Enough said until I have more history to show taking these digestive enzymes. I will tell you one thing, if this works for me, it will probably help you because I seem to have these problems worse than most others.

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