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Re: TO ZAP OR NOT TO ZAP. I'VE BEEN A HUMAN GUINEA PIG. by Cutie Pie ..... Zapper Support Forum

Date:   11/14/2002 8:28:35 AM ( 19 years ago ago)
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Dear Paint Lady,

I have been reading your posts and I wanted to let you know that I think you are doing a wonderful job at keeping your family healthy.

You and your husband's weight loss is fantastic. You are having success with the parasite cleanses where you actually see them leaving your little daughter. Plus all the other cleanses you give them... What about your cysts and allergy improvements that are a testimony that Dr. Clark's methods do work!

I hope you don't think that I am trying to discredit Dr. Clark, a woman who I believe deserves the Nobel Prize for her discoveries of the parasite / pollution connection to all diseases. And for her discoveries on how to eliminate the parasites and remove the pollutants.

I sent an e-mail to Dr. Clark Research Foundation and to Dr.Clark. org telling them of my discovery that the zapper is causing an electrolysis process creating a "Colloidal Mercury" in people with amalgams.

The reason I even mentioned it in the first place is that my conscience would have bothered me of I hadn't. And because my first post may have encouraged someone to over use the zapper before they could get the dental work done.

Lapis was diligent enough to try to get a response from Dr. Clark herself. And one of Dr. Clark's assistant said the current would reach your teeth if you put the zapper on your feet. I hate to say it, but that sounds so ridiculous and like a total cop out.

Dr. Clark's zapper creates a closed circuit. And it like the discussion we had previously about whether the zapper's current could reach the organs. Remember?

I spoke to an electrolysis and electroplating specialist, and they agree with me that an electrolysis process does occur. The body's saline acidic aquaeous characteristics acts as the solution, the two leads create the current, the metal in mouth or body acting as the annode and cathode. The metal particles will suspend into a colloidal
(fine particle) state. This is pretty basic science.

Before I used and bought a zapper, I read all the specifications and instructions. The zappers were pretty much the same on voltage, frequency ranges...The instructions of use the same. Dr. Clark mentions to use the zapper when you feel a cold coming on, use daily for the 21 Days Cancer Cure until you feel well, and during parasite cleanse.

She never mentioned to use it everday. Perhaps she knew of the pitfalls of over use that was not relayed in any of her books. After all, her books are to encourage and not to discourage.

I am totally impressed by the testomonials in her advanced cancer cures and tumor cures. I know that the zapper was an integral part of the cure. When a person comes to her when all other doctors have failed to cure them, all methods have to be used. She knows how to chelate the metals out. But the first priority would be to kill all parasites. And some are so stubborn that the zapper is needed to kill them and their bacteria and virus.

It is working.

I only hope that she can be more specific about the daily use of the zapper as a preventive measure for people who are not really ill, but wish to stay that way. (Giving us the good and bad information.)

The Zapper is the wave of the future for it's benefits. Already I've heard people selling the zapper under recapped names over the radio. They are selling it as "blood purifiers" and get this "a weight reducer that works without having to diet". It won't be long before we see it sold on TV for $19.95. And, they still will be making a big profit!

Those types of people are just after the buck. They will have no understanding of the Science behind it, what frequencies to use, or what voltages are not harmful. But then again, they will just copy Dr. Clark' Zapper.

But by then, this post will be long forgotten. I will have my Amalgams fixed, and hopefully you will, too.



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