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side notes on lemon/lime/& egg yolk flush by Zoebess ..... Liver Flush Support Forum

Date:   1/3/2007 8:23:02 PM ( 14 years ago ago)
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Hi Jaske,

Here are my sidenotes--


1. buy 20 organic limes, but even the non-organic ones work perfectly!

2. buy a large carton of organic, omega-3 eggs, free-range preferably!
3. buy a bottle of organic sunflower oil (or peanut oil) - cold pressed.

4. when you get home, leave the eggs out on your counter, do not put them in the
refrigerator! they must be room-temperature by the next day!

5. either do this in the morning, before you eat or drink anything, or in the evening, but wait 3 hours after your meal.

6. take 3 limes and roll them wtih your palm on your kitchen counter with some
force, so as to soften them up. then squeeze them into a porcelain cup.

7. take 2 eggs, crack them over the sink and empty the contents into the palm of
your hand, opening up your fingers, so as to let the egg-white fall out into the
sink, leaving only the yolk in your hand. then place the 2 yolks in the cup of
lime juice.

8. using a wooden utencil (any utencil except for metal), gently beat the mixture
only a couple of times. simply a couple of stirs are sufficent to get the juice
and yolks to mix.

9. then pour a table spoon (do not use metal utencils) of sunflower oil into the
mix. other oils will work just as well too; especially beneficial is organic, cold-pressed peanut oil also!

10. mix a couple of more times, sip and enjoy! the drink is delicious, safe, healthy
and most importantly with a cleansing potency beyond belief!!!

11. you may feel the urge to sleep almost immediately after that, so you may want
to drink this potion right before bedtime, instead of in the morning. most importantly, be sure that you have not eaten or drank anything in the last 3 hours.

12. when you wake up from your nap, after 2-3 hours have elapsed, you will feel
like you have 10 horse powers instead of 1 human power. the energy you will acquire
from this is instant and permanent.

13. your nose will feel clogged. this is because your liver has just purged an incredible amount of toxins and dirt into your intestine. even if there is nothing blocking your nose cavity, your nose will feel clogged. for those who have done Liver Flushes will know what i am talking about. this is the very feeling of stones and gunk leaving the liver and entering the entstine.

14. finally, if you have an enema kit, you need to use very warm water to clean
out your intestines, and it is imperative that you use 2 full enemas with very warm
water, in order to draw the gunk out from the top of the small upper intestine
to the lower one and then out.

15. unbelievable things will come out of you, sometimes green stones, sometimes
plaque, sometimes worms and parasites and sometimes just black, black, black filthy
water. you will be literally wowed at the results after the first day and double-wowed of the results after the 2, 3,4th day. by the end of the week, you will feel like you can take over the world! yes, the feeling is incredible!

If you feel uncomfortable using an enema, stones, gunk, mucoid plaque, worms, parasites and eggs can still come out, but not as full-capacity as when you flush with an enema, because everything tends to dry out once it reaches the large intestine, if there isn't anything to dilute it and take it out. intestinal walls tend to suck the water out of everything, so use an enema if you want the full 100% beneficial results.

If you have any questions, email me at! i answer all emails.
I am obviously not trying to sell anything, so do not mistake this message as a
sales-pitch! This is free information for you to benefit from. I am here to help
people who are like myself. i would love to get your input on how your special cleansing went and what your special results were.

This could be your little secret :) when your co-workers and friends see you get
strikingly radiant, thinner, younger, tanner and full-of-energy, they don't
have to know! unless you would be kind enough to tell them how they can also achieve
incredible results in just a few days!

love and blessings,


Here is how it works: the more quantity of this juice you ingest, the more undesirable elements will come out. it will not be just stones. it will be everything you can imagine. And it all depends on the oil you use. the different oils dissolve and stimulate different types of particles. Peanut oil is for mucous, olive is mainly
for stones, etc, but just imagine your liver being like one giant filthy sponge
and you drink this magic juice and that egg stimulates that sponge so much that
it works extra hard, gets lubricated and it begins to squeeze itself empty of all
the dirt down into your intestinal tube. When the elements roll down into the intestines, they suddenly begin to pick up even more dirt and mucous. IT all becomes like one a potent soapy mixture, with a stimulative element - the egg.

After the liver is all squeezed out and tired, the nutrients from the egg help repair
it and the blood that rushes into the liver to get itself cleansed, becomes extra,
extra-clean and gets properly distributed out into all the cells. This is why your
SKIN condition improves and you also become DARKER and TANNED almost overnight,
aside from the skin becoming really shiny and the hair getting strong, bouyancy and
shiny. It doesn't take much to notice the affects virtually immediately. Of
all the cleanses I have done in my life, this is the ONLY one that produces visible
results, so much so, that you immediately know you are on the right path! Faster
results can be produced with MORE limes and more YOLKS in the mix, up to 3-5 eggs
a day, if you can take it. You will see more rapid results this way, with the skin
getting gradually darker and shinier. I was not kidding when i wrote that you have
the potential of looking like a super-model in weeks!

To answer your questions specifically - if you drink your drink at night, do the
enema in the morning, this is the perfect time. Nevertheless, since you will get
so much energy from the drink itself, I highly recommend that you do it in the morning. Many people have asked me this question and REALLY advise that you do it in the morning. Your system is more ACTIVE in the morning and more liver bile is being
secreted between 6-7 am, then at any other time of the day.

If you can't see stones come out, this is because the water that will come out
will be almost BLACK with other stuff. But you can be sure that there are stones
in there as well, because literally nothing can escape the power of this cleanse,
plus you will notice the results in the mirror in a day or two.

The good thing about this cleanse is that even though you think of it as a cleanse,
it doesn't have to be. Make it a part of your daily regimen, so that you drink
this juice+egg+oil drink every morning for as long as it takes you to look like
a super model, which won't be long! After the first week or so, you won't
have to do the enema afterwards, because your system should be clean enough to where
everything comes out naturally with your bowel movement. And yes, you can combine
it with any other cleanse that you like and it will ONLY enhance the results, it
will never inhibit them, so feel free to do a traditial flush once in a while too,
but after this type of flush, you wouldn't want to go through that hell again.

Also, you can substitute the enema with a quart of warm water that you can sip like
tea, starting at about 1 hour later.

I hope i have answered all of your questions!


Hello friends,

Since I first posted this new detox recipe on the curezone forum (3 limes + 2 egg
yolks + a spoonful of oil), the thread just grew and grew and became quite popular.
I received many questions and emails from people who are genuinely intrigued and
interested in this method and by some who are desperate to try this truly revolutionary new method, but are unsure if it will work for them.

I've also been given much information by some wonderful members on this forum,
which has allowed me to further my research and be able to explain the detox process
even better.

The flush works without a doubt. It is just hard for some to understand why. To
the best of my knowledge, here is what happens:

Imagine your liver as a HUGE sponge, full of sticky, gluey filth. This large organ
has to not only produce bile to spew into the intestine for lubrication, but it
also has to handle the responsible job of FILTERING and CLEANSING all the blood
in the body, down to the last drop. Blood constantly circulates through it; hundreds
of time in a given hour and when the liver is in such a bad condition (which most
people's livers are), then it doesn't perform as good a job of cleansing
the blood and producing its precious bile to keep our food moving in the intestines.

This creates a slew of problems - in fact, this could account for most ALL of our
problems, which we call diseases. Once the liver is congested and stuffed with poisonous gunk, food doesn't move down inside our intestines and gets delayed within the intestinal walls, decaying and fermenting, producing mucous and becoming the perfect bed for worms, parasites and every other form of acid-loving flora. Furthermore, the liver ducts get clogged up and at some point bile begins to flow the opposite way - to the stomach, instead of down the "drain". This causes all kinds
of stomach problems, needless to mention.

Lastly and most importantly, our blood is not properly cleaned. A person with dirty
blood exhibits frequent acne, boils, gets bruised easily, old scars never disappear,
hair is dull and brittle, nails are brittle and yellowed, veins protrude through
the skin and the skin is has an aged, dull appearance, like it has been acid-washed,
with a ghostly white complexion.

If you have any of these sings my friends, it means you suffer from a filthy liver,
like almost 100% of the population in modern "civilized" countries today.
You are overdue for a MAJOR Liver Cleaning that cannot wait another moment. Your
body's blood passes constantly through your liver and in the time it takes you
to finish reading this sentence, your entire body's blood would have passed
through your liver over a hundred times! So you have no time to waste.

After a good liver cleanse, like the one described here, along with your liver,
all other organs of your body will immediately begin to function more rapidly and
this will result in a DRASTIC improvement of your overall health, but this is not
all. You will very likely begin LOOKIN REALLY GOOD afterwards and this is not something to be brushed aside. In fact, looking radiant means you are healthy and your body's functions are harmoniously in sync. After the cleanse, the levels of radiance and beauty you will have achieved, would equal in comparison to that of top models you see in magazines and this is no exageration.

Simply mix the juice of 3 limes with 2 raw egg yolks into a porcelain cup and add
a spoon-full of your favorite cold-pressed organic oil. Peanut oil, sunflower oil,
olive oil, coconut, palm, castor, sesame, avocado are some that come to mind, but
you can certainly get as creative as you like. The eggs should be organic and free-range preferably and the limes can be organic, though conventional limes work just as well.

Drink this in the morning, followed by a short nap, then after 5-6 hours, try to
take a warm enema, so as to flush out the toxins. The most common question I get
is whether this can be done at night and the answer is yes, it can be done at night
just as well, but you will soon find out that besides a CALM but STRONG cleanser,
this potion is also the greatest energy drink of all times, so if you consume it
in the morning, you can benefit by it by having a tremendous amount of energy throughout the next few days. Of course, most of this energy will be wasted if you consume it before bedtime. Do not mistake this for a short-term energy boost. Make no mistake, the energy you will get from this would be genuine, we are talking about permanent and constant energy for days on end.

As the drink potion enters your body, the oil and lime juice, propelled by the powerful catalytic bonding force of the egg-yolk, pass by the liver and instantly "Awake" it. The egg yolk stimulates the liver in a gentle, yet profound way, so that it begins to secrete great amounts of bile into the intestine, so as to counteract
the oil and lime juice. For all of you that know how to make home-made soap, it
may come as no surprise that these ladies and gentlemen are common ingredients of
a good "soap", with the liver bile salts being the fourth and last ingredient
in the mix. What happens is that it is SO stimulated that this great big intelligent
sponge we call liver, purges itself into the intestine and the new organically soapy
mix takes away the dirt along with other dirt it picks up, as it travels down the
intestinal walls. This may include mucous, mucoid plaque, intestinal worms and parasites, worm eggs, hardened matter among many other unmentionables.

What you would then do is to take your warm enema 5-6 hours later, so as to suction
all of this out of your body and wash it away.

This method of cleansing does not require taking time off from work, doing any special dieting, exercise or anything else for that matter. You will not feel nauseous, sick or have any negative effects or side-effects. In fact, every after-effect you will see from that point forward will be nothing short of astonishing. Here are a few things you may be glad to know:

1. This drink helps alkalize your intestines because once the lime juice enters
the stomach; it turns from acidic to alkaline. Every acid-loving flora in the body
eventually dies and exits, leaving only alkaline elements, which is the goal.

2. You can try any other harsh or gentle flushes, but you will NEVER experience
as many drastic visual results as you will after undergoing this cleanse. These

-Shininess and bounciness of your hair
-Darker, "tanned" skin, without the need for sun-exposure
-Clearly evident "peach" or "roasted" complexion
-Skin becomes "shiny", but not "oily"
-Pink tongue (instead of white and coated tongue)
-Stronger and whiter nails that will grow very long
-Whiter and cleaner teeth
-Reduction in the size of your nose (since the nose is direct mirror of the liver)
-Clearing of nasal passages - those are a meridian reflection of the liver-ducts.
-Permanent boost of energy levels. This last one is quite a treat!

The above list represents only the first few most visible results that become apparent to you and everyone else around you, literally days after beginning to take this drink every morning. These beautifying results are due to your liver becoming cleaner and cleaner and being now able to clean your body's blood, which itself gets
distributed better and further into the cells. The white blood cell levels drop
drastically and this filtered energetic new blood plays a major role in strengthening
and building tissues back up to levels they had when you were a child, thus resulting
in a rather rapid rejuvenation effect.

Should you make this drink a part of your daily dietary regimen, you will enjoy
a beautifully radiant, obviously-healthy and young appearance, aside from the the
constant flow of fresh energy, emanating from within. Enjoy it, thank God and thank
yourself and good luck!

Please feel free to share your results with the forum!

Love and Blessings /


3 egg yokes 3 lemons 2 tab. oil and 1 teaspoon Lecithin.and i have a 30 minutes
bath before, with a glass Orange juice and a big glas of water.

Hi Everyone,

I thought i would share another priceless recipe with you, since the responce to
the lime/egg/oil cleanse has been was so overwhelmingly positive.

What i have is an alternative recipe, and this one SHOULD do away with more of your
unwanted liver gunk and intestinal deposits. Here it goes:




Mix, Drink slowly. After an hour, drink a glass of distilled water (room-temperature).

Follow with an enema 5-6 hours later.

This drink should get you to pass at least a FULL gallon of gunk, if you use your
enema. If you do not use an enema... well I simply don't know how anyone could
live without one and how you would manage to relief yourself of all this compiled
filth. But if you do have other ways, feel free to use them. The German forum member
Christine uses a microscope, which I would be very interested in her utilizing,
in order to obsrve her results :)

With wishes for a better day,


This flush works for me fine. First thing in the morning I drink juice of 3 limes
room temp, 2 room temp omega egg yolks and 1 TBS of seseme stir lightly and drink
I lay down for a bit and then I drink epsom or magnesema citrate. And I get stuff
out every time, stuff I haven't seen before. This may not be right but I eat
something greasy afterwards and it works good.

3 lemons / limes or 1 grapfruit
2 eggs
1 TBSP. oil of choice


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