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Re: Does anybody know anything about alternatives to antibiotics? by finallyfaith ..... Ask CureZone Community

Date:   1/6/2007 10:29:27 AM ( 16 years ago ago)
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the best Antibiotics are the ones your body makes itself. probiotics living in your bowels will synthesize natural anti biotics. in fact, big pharma labs cultivate probiotics specifically for this purpose, they cultivate the healthy bacteria, wait for them to produce natural Antibiotics , then capture just one, synthesize it in their lab and sell it to you. but a good colony of healthy bacteria in your bowels will produce many many different natural anti biotics agents, not just the sinlge one big pharma wants to sell you.

i recommend a probiotic with ten or more strains of micro organisms, such as primal defense.

herbal anti biotics include goldenseal, oregon grape root, olive leaf, oil of oregano, pau d' arco, ginger, and cayenne.

food grade hydrogen peroxide is another great wholistic anit biotic to use.

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