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Amish girl beats odds; mystifies doctors by LCD ..... News Forum

Date:   1/10/2007 10:50:41 PM ( 16 years ago ago)
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Amish girl beats odds; mystifies doctors

Kay Mc Farland
Staff Reporter

ó Diversity, controversy, and integration; different words with different meanings to different people, but these words are linked.
Diversity often leads to controversy, and when they are mixed together add up to integration.

The world of medicine is often times involved in controversy. Why do some people get sick and others donít? Why do some people die and others donít die from the same disease? There are often many diversified explanations leading to debate without a definitive answer.

Dr. Ron Anderson began to ask himself some of these questions. During his thirty years as a minister, he witnessed several of his fellow pastors expiring at a young age. Smoking and drinking were not to be blamed for their deaths; the common factor was the fact that they all enjoyed eating.

When Anderson initiated an investigation into the study of nutrition he also began to study his Bible in a more in-depth manner. His study revealed to him that God created the body to heal itself through better nutrition and herbs.

Anderson and his wife, Dr. Pamela Anderson, are both graduates of Trinity College in Indiana. They are both ordained ministers in the Assembly of God Churches, having served as pastors for three churches in northeast Oklahoma. Currently the Andersons are working with the Word Fellowship Church in Chouteau. While at Trinity College Ron Anderson earned credentials in Naturopathic Doctor, Doctor of Naturopathic Ministries, Master Herbalist, and Certified Nutritional Counselor. Pam Anderson is also a practicing Naturopathic Doctor. Her specialty is Advanced GSR, a non-invasive method to obtain information about the vital functions of the body, and Biblical-based counseling for individuals, families, and marriages. She also has 30 years experience in the medical field, serving as Director of Medical Services, Director of a scrub team tech program at a local community college, and Assistant Administrator of Clinical Nursing at a premiere medical facility. Ron Anderson also travels as a motivational speaker and natural health educator. His practice now covers seven centers in three states.

During his travels and studies Ron Anderson became aware that the number one cause of disease is parasites. parasites can be any number of viruses or hosts that live off the nutrients of the human body. This led him to Ohio to study with another doctor in the cause and effect of parasites and how to prevent them. The majority of their clients were Amish, some of which would travel eight hours to be treated. At the request of the Amish community, Ron Anderson set up a clinic closer to their homes. The first month, he saw 45 clients. The second month, he saw 60 clients and it continues to grow. The Andersons now spend two weeks of each month in rural Pennsylvania seeing only Amish clients.

The Amish by their religious origins and rural life are uncommonly receptive to Natural Health methods. Amish children are more resilient to disease and injury than most other children as a result of this practice. One of the young girls involved in Nickel Mines School shooting was one of Ron Andersonís clients.
The doctors at the hospital in Hershey, Pa., believed that the nature of her head wound was too severe for her to survive. They pronounced her brain dead and she was taken off of life support. She didnít die.

The doctors allowed the family to follow their faith and take her home to die in peace, believing that she wouldnít survive the ambulance ride home. Again she refused to die. Two days later the girlís family consulted all of the closest family members, as is the custom, and asked Ron Anderson to come be with the family.

By this time her lungs were full of fluid and pneumonia was her greatest enemy. Once again the medical doctor told the family that she would pass away during the night due to the pneumonia. The next morning still alive, as they were turning the girl in her bed, she spewed all of the pneumonia out of her lungs. The doctors were all in accord that they had never seen or heard of this happening before. The medical doctors confirmed that the pneumonia was gone and she should return to the hospital to close the head wound to prevent infection to the brain.
The girl spent eight days in the hospital in a vegetative state, unable to eat, talk or move. However, she opened her eyes and began to moan when she heard her favorite song.

One more miracle was yet to occur in this young girlís life. The force of the injury had caused the plates of her skull to shift. One of the doctors on the team the girl was able to put the plates back in place with spinal manipulation. She is progressing daily at home with her family.

Through all the tragedy and controversy the Andrsons worked hand in hand with the knowledgeable medical doctors. This small, wounded child clinging to life by a thread has taught the most powerful message of all. The medical world and the naturalist world can collide and not destroy each other but come together for the good of all involved. Though integrated medicine this little girl has hope of a near normal life.

The path to health the Andersons practice is personalized and customized. They realize that sometimes there is a need for medicine to be invasive and debilitory, but it is not the only way to get favorable results. They respect the medical profession and will not take anyone off medication they are currently taking. The Andersons believe that God did not intend for man to die sick but rather to simply go to sleep.

The home office of the New Horizons Natural Healthcare Center can be reached at 918-386-2243. Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 8:30 a.m. to 2 p.m.; Tuesday from 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.; and Friday from 8:30 to 11 a.m.

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