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Re: "Candida" by Carthage ..... Candida & Dysbiosis Forum

Date:   1/11/2007 3:07:57 PM ( 14 years ago ago)
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Maybe you have right in saying that it ain't the whole story.
The thing is that like me where candida has been present almost all my life because of chronic celiac, i can't say it's tied to my emotional fate, still.
I've read alot of these recovering feelings and healing crises and come to the conclusion that when you're happy the body releases a lot of hormones that are helpful for fighting candida but if you're murky there are congested reactions inside you and you tend to move less hence hindering the lymphs to deliver their share.

I don't say it's the whole truth that either but when a lengthy symptom like candida overgrows in your body you must take it in stages, it's not a question of week or two of medication and you're off the hook but instead you got to take it in phases and decide for yourself when you're ready for the next phase of the recovering process that needs a more disciplined state of mind.
It's partly like collecting all the fragments and trying to understand how the everyday life turns out, how spoiled we really are to begin with, make a decision and move on.

There is also the philosophical point of it which is based on the fact that if you're estimating the disease to go back at a certain date then you'd certainly feel a slighter relief and start to feel more cheerful when you can pinpoint a certain corner where you can begin to live normally again, but if that estimation shows to fail then you're probably going back to your murky self again.
But if you don't reckon the clouds to clear at a certain day then you can't be turned down by it either and that gives you security from being disappointed by it, albeit feeling down.
The third and last philosophy is that you're not estimating anything, just letting the disease have it's way while trying to be glad and live a social life while keeping a strict diet which you won't let out of hands, but won't either let it cloud your mind, and that's probably the hardest part when having candida cause it's the die-off's effect to your intestines that triggers your Depression and uninspirational mood.

You'll realise that when you have to take upon a stricter diet of carbs you'll have to induce different kinds of principles into your life so when all that's in the knapsack you can say that the metaphorical healing goes hand in hand with the physical, making it kinda metaphysical as the issue concerns.


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