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The MC & Weight Loss - FAQ by pepe ..... Master Cleanse Support Forum

Date:   1/11/2007 10:45:13 PM ( 14 years ago ago)
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For you dieters out there you hafta keep in mind that there are no shortcuts or magic potions and that no form of fasting, water, juice, MC whatever were designed as weight loss diets, period. Fasting is meant to take the burden from digestion and all the energy that goes toward it and let the body repair and heal itself. Stop looking at the numbers on the scale they are meaningless and you can easily become obsessed. You will know you are loosing weight by the way your clothes fit and most of all by the way you feel.

 No amount of wishful thinking or misinformation will make any form of fasting a weight loss diet period. Fasting for weight loss is an inroad to eating disorders if you are not doing it with the full understanding that it is just a "tool" to clean out the system so the body will operate more efficiently and you can continue to loose weight safely and efficiently by the required lifestyle change. No if and or buts about it. If you go back to your old ways you >>WILL<< gain the weight back and possibly more because all forms of fasting will slow the metabolism.  The catch and a prime reason that makes any form of fasting not a good weight loss diet is that most overweight folks metabolisms are already slow and if you don't incorporate regular exercise and lifestyle change after the fast the you will fail bringing you back to the beginning or worse and you'll be caught in a vicious cycle and the start of and eating disorder akin to binge and purge.

Because all forms of fasting are >>cleanses<< the body will do what it needs to do the most first. Often it will not be weight loss and there will be periods where you might not loose any weight. So do yourselves a favor and stop looking at the numbers and press on knowing that you are doing yourselves a world of good and that you are attacking the "root causes" of obesity. being overweight is not a thing in and of itself. It is a "health issue"

Weight loss requires a >LIFESTYLE< change. It will require >>REGULAR EXERCISE< no if ands or buts about it. Exercise is the most efficient way to bring the metabolism back on line.

Another thing folks need to keep in mind is that 10 days is just the >MINIMUM< for an MC so don't expect any miracles. The body doesn't even start to get into deeper cleansing till day 8 +/- and around 15 +/- days before getting into the deeper cleansing at the cellular lever. Don't expect that you will clean out a lifetimes worth of abuse even with a 40 day MC. It's just a very good start and without the lifestyle and diet change and incorporating regular exercise you will go back where you started or worse.  The MC does not CURE anything. There is no magic in the lemonade. It helps take out the trash to allow the system to heal itself which is what all these cleanses do. Slow and gradual is the only road to "permanent healing/weight loss" . There are no shortcuts or magic potions. Educate yourselves, focus, exercise regularly and most of all be patient

We know the MC formula already and it is just about a "given" that >everyone< will loose weight on the MC. We also know from experience that this weight loss can vary greatly from one person to the next and even for the same person from one MC to the next. It is also a fact that if folks go back to their old ways that this lost weight will come back. So I would encourage folks that post about their weightloss that for their own ultimate benefit and others to also discuss what their plans are to keep this weight off. That is the info that is missing and almost never gets discussed here and would really complete the cycle of using the MC "succesfully" for weight loss. Without a follow up plan the MC or any form of fasting is a >>surefire<< no two ways about it plan for failure and worst yet a plan were a person using fasting for weight loss can gain back even more than they lost.

Remember that 4 or 5 lbs sometimes more depending of the persons starting weight, how full they were, how well hydrated they were etc when they started, that weight is from emptying the bowels and water weight loss. Posting about this miraculous weight loss at the begining of the fast can be very misleading and definetly false hope to the newbies that have yet to find out how the MC really works and that it is is only >part< of a succesful weight loss program.

A response to the above from someone who counsels folks with "eating disorders":

As someone who has done fasts, I agree with your points about the MC not to be used as a weight loss plan. Anyone doing their first fast, who has possibly been overweight for awhile, cannot understand this until they experience the whole fast.
Also, I know that for some, they can tend to get grouchy because of the calorie restriction too. I wouldn't be surprised at all, if, after some experience with the fast, many people will change their minds completely, as to the philosophies and strategies that they might have had in the beginning.
I find it very wise of you to warn of possibilities of obtaining eating disorders if not in the right frame of mind for a fast. I counsel people with eating disorders. They are usually a lifelong problem that can destroy families. So, forking from that path, if at all possible, is important. The sooner, the better


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