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Re: burning throat and tongue acid reflux or candida by pghamak ..... Acid Reflux/GERD Forum

Date:   7/23/2006 3:58:31 PM ( 15 years ago ago)
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I've been at this for 4 months and I still have good days and bad days. Although, the bad days are way better then my good days were in the beginning. I consider myself lucky that I see improvment already after reading the stories of people that have been struggling with Candida for the past 2-3 years, or that have been taking plagued by GERDs for many years.

My Dr. put me on L-Glutamine for the Leaky Gut. He also had me start taking Digestive Enzymes (CREON Forte - from Pork). I know you can also get Vegetable based digestive enzymes. These have helped alot.

At first I ate everything over cooked as my digestion was so bad. Also not too much variety in 1 meal. Normally 2 vegetables very well steamed with 1 grain (Quinoa, Millet) over cooked or meat (Chicken, Fish - No Pork or Beef) cooked thoroughly. Pretty boring. Also ate lots of soups - with all kind of things in them, but always very well cooked - easy to digest. I have recently started to eat some things raw, like tomatoes avocadoes peppers and radishes (No heartburn - but lots of burping). Also eating spices like Cayenne Pepper - and that even seems to help my digestion.

As for sensitivity reactions. I can get pretty dizzy sometimes or get cold hands and feet after eating. There was a point where the nightshade family (Peppers, Tomatoes, Potatoes (not on Candida Diet) and Aubergine/Eggplant (not on Candida Diet)) would give me trouble. Especially Eggplant. I would not sleep well and have calv and legs bugging me and feeling uncomfortable (Magnesium/Calcium?). Some foods would also get me real bloated. I had never been bloated before. Also headaches an hour or two after eating... Somethings could also be bad digestion - which is why I keep a log of eveything I eat and try to find patterns.

Hope this helps

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