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fasting for healing by Gr8ful ..... Fasting: General Fasting Support

Date:   1/22/2007 11:32:55 AM ( 16 years ago ago)
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Hello every one, I have started fasting for healing and spiritual benefits and was hoping to find someone that has posted their own experiances in these forums.
I have read some and they are comforting. I plan on fasting for 30 days or until my body tells me to eat again. I am fasting mainly on water and simple herbal teas with honey ( like ginger tea, or chamomile and the like **organic***) and some diluted juice when I feel like I need it, or even veggie broths with a tad of Sea Salt . I am on day 4 and I still feel hunger pangs yet not too bad.

Yesterday was the most tempting day of all. My sister's family and my brother's family came over, they bought 4 pizzas for launch and my sister in law made a super dinner. I have 4 kids and a husband to cook for everyday. So I can not stay away from food. Besides I think I have to learn to pass up temptation even if I am surrounded by it. That is one thing I am going to overcome, since that is one of the main reasons for my poor health.

I am going to post my experiance with anyone who reads here. I wish all the best. Feel free to ask me questions.Just so you know I started preparing for the fast on Janury 4th, and prayer is a HUGE part of this.

January 19th Friday - FAST BEGAN AT 3:00 PM the day before
No solid foods at all 24 hours as of 3:00 PM
Drank some organic Papaya juice (bottled)
Tea with honey

January 20th Saturday - Day 2

drank water and herbal tea with honey only
feeling hunger still but the thought of food makes my stomache turn.

January 21st Sunday - Day 3
Today was extremely tempting . Kristy and gang came over very nice
4 pizzas in the house... I did not take one little bite.
Chiener made a lovely dinner for the family... I had 2 cups of radish broth with salt ..yummy
I drank a lot of ginger tea with honey and water
72 hours as of 3 pm yea
Everning a bit irritable ... just had to remember that all this is passing... food still sounds good to me...
I am going to reach my goal ... food can wait


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