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Re: Sick of being sick by zyxw ..... Morgellons Disease Forum

Date:   1/29/2007 2:55:13 AM ( 14 years ago ago)
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Hi there,

I am feeling HEAPS!!!!! better - I too am a sufferer of morgellons. I've stripped everything back to new wood lino strips on the floor, got rid of all my 'beautiful' new towels and linen, bought a new mattress (memory foam) which I had covered in a very soft and cool vynal (would you believe!). I sleep directly on the vynal- no base sheet I'm so particular - but this works for me! I bought a new cotton tee shirt and after I wore it I shook it out into the sink....thousands!!!!!! of fibres. I'm sure 'something' is burrowing these fibres down into our skins. These tee shirts and towels etc.. made of cotton shouldn't be 'molting' at such a rate. I'm sure they've been 'treated'.... (with what....?????)

I've taken to wearing satin and stretch type nylon materials - STEAR CLEAR OF COTTON!!!! I'm someone who was way into natural fibres - but now NOW WAY!! Someone has messed with them and they are 'breaking down' as we wear them and thus the fiber problem..

I've just been reading articles on 'ALERGIC TO COTTON' -

What I've been doing:

. massage with tea tree oil
. massage with olive oil and bergamont oil (go with the pore grain and sloth out the grit and fibers
. only use soap to wash your clothes as I think the washing powder people are in co-hoots with the cotton guys in that the material beaks down faster (all that molting....)
. wash by hand as the faster aggitaion of the spin cycle breaks down the fibers faster - when you wear your clothes next, the friction on your skin is enough to loosen the broken fibers

(MY MESSAGE???? GIVE UP COTTON - IT IS NOT THE SAME PRODUCT WE KNEW YEARS AGO - START WEARING SMOOTH AND SYNTHETIC FIBERS (I can't believe I'm saying this !!!....but since I've changed to smooth fabrics (including undies!!) the problem has abaited as has the cough that was directly due to the numerous fibers ....I was creating a literal 'cloud of fiber dust' around myself.

I have mopped and mopped and cleaned and cleaned and washed and washed....! and and constantly wiping my body with TenoSix deep pore cleanser every time I feel the 'tickle' or 'bite'.... wipe your skin frequently as there are fibers in the atmosphere.. all the while building up your immune system.... I'm starting to get on top of it now.... (I was 'floor ridden' for months with this(8%$#@!!!)but now am back at school and functioning well - but ever vigilant... I take my tea tree oil and tENOix with me everythwere and wipe and wipe.... I was never (!) like this... we need to build up the protective barrier on our skins.... this is our first line of defence and I believe all of us suffering with this condition have at sometime or other compromised our protective barrier. (Heal from the inside - clean on the outside...)

I am eating 'natural honey' and taking various anti-bacterial/fungal products etc. I believe the trick is "GET BACK YOUR PROTECTIVE SKIN LAYER' and 'stay away from cotton..."

My dear friend you WILL get better - and you will get your life back - use everything you can against this "thing' as well as you MIND!!!! Tell your body it is strong and clean and healthy and your immune system can kill any invader in you and anywhere near you - they just don't have a chance!!!(Pray strong/faithful prayers.... ) I believe your health will be VASTLY improved this time next week and you will be telling everyone what YOU did....

You start your power prayer noW nd DON'T give up until you are COMPLETELY HEALED.

I am 90% better than I was a year ago (really in the horrors then!!!) - I stay on top of this problem with positive thoughts and all the afore mentioned things...

(Sorry this is so long...!)

Will go now

Sending you much love and cleansing healing thoughts...


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