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Re: new to oil pulling and site by Yakka84 ..... Oil Pulling & Oil Swishing Forum

Date:   1/30/2007 4:48:15 PM ( 15 years ago ago)
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Hi - I've posted on here before but so difficult to find anything on this site.

Basically just try this for a few weeks - high fibre diet! Also no dairy (try soya milk or whatever milk alternative you like!) He had porridge for breakfast and then fruit as a snack (apples and pears good fibre!), and then a rice dish for lunch - add cut up carrots, peppers, whatever and also handful of different seeds, and also throw in a tin of beans (my fave is chickpeas) also use a nice dressing - otherwise can be a bit dry! and for tea a vegetable based soup or stir fry. Also snack on nuts and smoothies. Make sure you drink enough water between meals but not too near meals. He was basically doing the Gillian Mckeith diet - but you don't really need to like do it absolutely. I found her book gave lots of ideas but you can get them off the website for free, her book was a little confusing!

Anyway - to get the system moving get a packet of flax seeds (cheap!) and grind them down in a food processor (you have to do quite a lot - like 4 big table spoons - spread it into two seperate portions!) and then add to juice (hold nose to gulg down - its easier!) and then drink a lot of water - that should get you moving...Do that for a few days to get started. They do have calories in them (as do juice) so not a long-term solution but shockingly effective in the short term and also retrains your bowel muscles and gets them going!

Yes he had a bad taste in mouth ALL the time (even almost immediately after brushing his teeth) for us it smelled stale and then in the morning it could take the wall paper off the walls...had never really made the connection between constipation and breath (although I guess it makes perfect sense!;o)

Now its seriously fresh. It seems he was just bunged up. He had bad diarreah for a long time, which is like extreme constipation because no fibre getting through and then it was just constipation. On the diet after about a week or so he was going like twice a day (we ALL were - the diet is seriously fibre friendly! We stuck to the diet for about 2 months like the book recommends and then you can calm down a bit)

Also carrots really good to munch on - good fibre too. Eat as much raw as you can (its easier to! Just peel like two carrots and a pepper and eat with humous or by themselves with a snack) Make sure you drink enough water. Start the day with a glass of warm water (with a bit of lemon) as it starts the digestive system...and then wait 30-45 mins for it to leave your stomach - and then have your breakfast. Water apparntly digests stomach acid you need to digest food. Also make sure you chew throughly!

Hope that helps - post any questions you have, happy to answer. I couldn't believe it was so simple and SO effective! Saves on all these 'cures' which cost an arm and a leg and did nothing to help him at all!

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